Toledo, we’re shy and it’s our first time.
We’re taking a break to finish writing new music, but not before we play this huge party with The Black Dahlia Murder, Battlecross, Negative Approach, Born of Osiris, Homewrecker, Pains, Buried Above Ground, Carnis Immortalis, and much more.
Don’t miss it. Might just see a side of Recorruptor you haven’t seen. We’ll most likely have tickets so hit us up for those ASAP.
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Hide your husbands 🐕 lock your boo up 🐶 We are about to hit the streets 💋💋 #Dazeeslife #homewrecker #onwednesdayswewearpink #ootd

Part II but really verse one of a song i posted earlier 😅

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If you’re weak & U know it, pay me now! If you’re weak & U know it , pay me now! If you’re weak & U know it , & you really wanna show it, if you’re weak & U know it pay me now!

ALOT of you inadequate slaves are getting things twisted!! Listen carefully! IF U DO NOT TRIBUTE WHEN U 1st DM ME I WILL NOT REPLY!!!🖕🏼cut out the “but please mistress” it really has no relevance I call u the “factory elevator slaves” hi & bye in the space of 5 secs

Different hair color 💕💕💕 haven’t drained a piggy 🐷 in so long! I’m thinking a big drain before I head to bed tonight, message me losers.

In other words DON'T BE A HOE !!! AKA #HOMEWRECKER 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

Lol swing on through and peep on my shit. My pocket full of sunshine’s even saying F**k no! Bitch is too shady. #homewrecker #1mom #leadbyexample😆😆. #DEAD

There is no such thing as a "homewrecker". If someone wanted to cheat, it should hardly be considered a home. #homewrecker #cheating #boyfriend #girlfriend #devilsadvocate

Mommy hit 500 followers on Twitter!!! $end $5/$50/$500 all day to say congrats/ thank u!
DO NOT DM without a tribute. Tribute methods in second pic

Your opinion matters #homewrecker

Really?! Your just an annoyance at this point. And people... people... It’s not even who you think I’m talking about ...his partner in crime who he keeps a secret from his family and friends .. this person who he is not allowed to talk about to his family....who he keeps behind closed doors ...that does his dirty work that he doesn’t tell anyone. . This is a person trying to bring me down and he is supporting this persons actions.. this person wants so Badly to be a victim. ....they are so Insecure and desperate for love and affection by anyone.. that they are willing to ruin a relationship of a father and mother that three little girls need to feel secure, wanted, safe and loved! I mean I get it.. my husband yess still 🙄 unfortunately is helping this crazy person t bring me down.. I guess so he doesn’t “look” bad🤣 but unfortunately it’s in writing from his partner in crime 🤣. He .. is really the person that can control all of this.. and has from the beginning. but you know how he works.. he even wears it in his T-shirt’s.. “hoes before bros” wives, kids family etc”🤣🤣I mean let’s look at this persons past record🤣 It’s obvious to me that the horrible childhood this person endured is Lingering into this person’s adult hood ..They have a need or want to bring the most powerful woman in their life down. 🤔hmmmm .. Wonder who the important woman in this persons childhood was that hurt them so much ? 🤔🤔Funny .. how the cycle continues huh?! #therapyhelps #insecure #desperate #homewrecker #appledoesntfallfar

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