Still lost at what moxibustion is? Here's the regular moxa stick. It looks like a giant cigar. It emits intensive heat and infrared radiation when burned. I am not used to using this version, and singed my hair -.- What does it actually do? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, it has a healing power. Acupuncturist uses it in combination with needle acupuncture; normal people use it to relieve pain, etc. The heat is so intense, especially the smoke, I couldn't have it too near me. And yes, I do feel a difference. The smoke, as I like the smell of grass and firewood, doesn't bother me. But afterwards, your whole house and your clothes will smell like that. On the upside, burning moxa sticks is a very effective way to eliminate mosquitoes and pests.
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This is one of my my keys for hormonal balance #ashwagandha
This natural root power could make a huge impact on your health and this is the why 👌🏽 Studies suggest that ashwagandha can reduce social anxiety, improve physical performance (strength and endurance) and cognitive performance (focus and memory). Fortifies your immune system preventing you from catching the common cold, flu, or unwanted illnesses.

Significant improvements in overall sexual function, including arousal and satisfaction.

Promotes healthy sleep and can help individuals who are suffering from insomnia.

Shown to improve cognitive function and reaction time.
Helps fight signs and effects of aging.

Improves physical performance and cardiovascular endurance, boosts velocity during sprints, increases leg muscle strength and aerobic capacity.

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OLIO DEL RE una tradizione dal cuore del Trentino 💙
Una miscela di oli essenziali purissimi per mille usi!
✔️ 4 gocce sulle tempie, per l'emicrania
✔️ 3 gocce sui palmi delle mani, per profumare e rinfrescare
✔️ 7 gocce sul cuoio capelluto, per una frizione stimolante
✔️ 5 gocce sul cuscino, per sinusite e respiro libero
✔️ 10 gocce nel pediluvio, per rigenerare i piedi stanchi
✔️ 3 gocce sul fazzoletto, per il raffreddore o allergia
✔️ 15 gocce nella vasca, per un bagno tonificante
Sbizzarritevi! 😄
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Your inner healing begins through relaxation. Massage, reflexology, salt stones, Thai movements and deep spot work by your therapists are the assistants but the healing is yours. And what a beautiful gift to give to yourself. #desmoines #massage #innerhealingthroughrelaxation #realistic #holistic #healing #healistics #selfcare #reflexology

What do you want your story to be?

The first #MasonCycles lunchtime #Yoga session.
Hamstrings and hips for cyclists!
The #holistic bicycle Co.

How about that gorgeous sun yesterday? ☀️ Jude was playing in the sandbox and was so warm he took his t-shirt off and you can imagine what his back looked like at the end of the day 😉 After their bath I grabbed dōTERRA’s unscented hand & body lotion, Lavender and Frankincense. I took a small amount of cream and a drop of each Lavender and Frankie and applied it to his back. He woke up this morning with absolutely no redness and a cute little tan. Lavender is calming to the skin and Frankincense brings down inflammation and calms, it’s basically the Jack of all trades. Love these two together for any skin issues!

A ver mis seguidoras hermosas, aquí un tema importante para reflexionar y romper ciertas creencias y esquemas, resulta ser que la Candidiasis es un hongo que forma parte de nuestro cuerpo humano, cuando se prolifera en mayor cantidad sobre todo en nuestra vagina, se debe a un mensaje inconsciente que experimentamos por historias de frustración sexual. Se manifiesta cuando hay demasiado contacto (por la incongruencia de hacer sexo cuando no queremos), pensamientos de contacto sexual + ó - con el hombre que queremos, cuando sentimos tenemos relaciones sexuales que no es como deseamos. Estas situaciones crean muchas frustraciones y emociones de rabia. Así también, por ser exigente y tener desconfianza en las relaciones con la pareja, pensamientos constantes de si nuestra pareja es infiel o tiene a otra relación puede hacer que somaticemos más candidiasis con prurito y ardor en los labios y vagina siendo el mecanismo inconsciente para evitar relación con ese macho que creemos nos trae frustración. El propósito de esto es que nos demos cuenta de la incongruencia entre lo que pensamos, decimos y hacemos, así como del poder de una creencia que la tenemos tan arraigada y nos limita, porque al final todo radica en la perspectiva como vive esa relación. Lo interesante es ver dentro de nosotras que es lo que tenemos que aprender quizás a decir no cuando no queremos, quizás a estar con quien realmente nos provoca estar, quizás a confiar más en nosotras mismas y ¡Valorarnos!✨🌺 -

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R I P E LAB 🔬New New
5 Superfood Culinary Infusions Dropping next week.
Science based nutrition.

1. Green infusion:

organic chlorella, organic wheatgrass, organic spirulina, fresh pressed organic spinach.

2.Orange Infusion :
Turmeric + Black Pepper
3. Yellow Infusion:
Ginger , Lime , lemongrass.

4. Red Infusion:

Scotch Bonnet , Thai Chilli, spicy peppers.
5. Asian Spice :
Ginger , tamari , lime , apple , chilli.
Ripe Liquid Gold Collagen Beauty Broth™️ Superfood Infusions Coming Soon.
Pick your base broth and infuse!!!

Another year of progress and there are no words to convey how proud I am of this young man!
#recovery #soproud #lovehimsomuch

"Stay with friends who support you in these. Talk with them about sacred texts, and how you are doing, and how they are doing, and keep your practices together..." Much love @yummmy_healthy for being there for me thru thick and thin, grabbing me from tottering over the edge time and time again, stimulating me to keep moving forward, and most importantly inspiring me to appreciate life & my ownSELF. My own shadow leaves me, heck my own wits leave me lol but, YOU never have and for that I am eternally grateful. #friendship #friendshipgoals #lupus #warrior #guardianangel #bestfriends #holistichealth #holistic #remedy #life #spiritualgangster #wolves #love #waterslides

Tuesday tip coming at you!!

Like you mean it ✨
Some days that might mean doing all the small things that make a big difference • waking up early to make sure you get a proper breakfast • giving your spouse an extra squeeze and a smile • getting your steps in 🌺
Other days that might mean taking big leaps • doing that thing you’ve been thinking about doing for a while • taking a look at what’s not working and making the first step in the right direction • letting something go that you’ve been holding onto for too long
Whatever it is • live like you mean it ☀️

✨👆One of my personal favorites!! 👆✨ Check out this Silver Vintage Lotus Bangle. One of our favorites because of the weight, shine, and overall beauty. Today only at @earthhealingstones this vintage lotus bangle is 50% OFF + Free worldwide insured shipping. ➡️ Click the link in our bio for more info👈.
🙇The lotus flower symbolizes spiritual awakening, the realization of being, and enlightenment. "Just like the lotus, we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world." The lotus flower thrives from the darkness that is mud and blooms from the energy of the sun. Let this gorgeous vintage lotus flower bangle remind you that you too will flourish from hardships and change. Believe, trust, learn and grow from your trials and tribulations. 🙏Namaste!

I'm not the prettiest, most beautiful or desirable woman in the world but I accept myself.
I don't always like myself and I have flaws that I feel I have to hide - hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone, dark circles all of which you can't see because, you know, makeup game on fleek.
Hair in its shrunken state which has been made very apparent to me is the complete opposite to mainstream feminine beauty. But I refuse to denigrate myself in the many ways my existence expresses itself naturally. I can only be me. I say you have to accept yourself as you are in order to express yourself authentically and improve yourself from a place of love. That's my definition of body positivity. My hair shrinks, I won't.
Call me a rebel! Let the inner work continue its been a long break.

On another note: forget the ashy knuckles, I stay ashy 😅 I'm a Healthcare professional

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