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What all mornings should look like. ❤️

That Hippocrates guy knows his shit. When you put in good, you get good back. Every time we eat, every bite we take, we're sending our body a message. We're saying I want you to think a certain way, feel a certain way, and act a certain way. It's an opportunity to respect ourselves, nurture and care for ourselves, and savor special moments in life. I'm not saying that every meal has to be filled with greenery with no indulgences - definitely not! Simply just some food for thought...pun intended. What's your go-to feel good meal? #eatrealfood #youarewhatyoueat #lebotaniste

Börja från scratch med denna pärlan ☝️ @hippocrates.se #Hippocrates.se

Officially 22 Juli 2017 " dr. Damai Rizki Kambodianto "
Thanks for everything and support me as always ( almh. Mamah thanks mom this is for you, @medawirautami thanks for your time and mdbsr for me n Babebro thanks for all support ) so thanksfull for mybigfams @astinsetiachasanah @cittaarunika @anantiadevi @r__yasmin @mimmybelle @sutrisno_dr @suherman12345 @readonegreen @noniputria @raisaprinanti @auliya_andyni @afrian_winata @sandyriaervinna thanks for everything u give me all the time💋 #DAMAISTRONGDAMAIBRAVEDAMAIGOODBOY 🐨 #hippocrates #sumpahdokter #fkunissula

Throwback to a lovely week at the Europeans with my superman Dogi🦄👑 even though we already miss the outdoor season, we are more than ready for our first indoor show in one and a half week✊🏼🌟#hippocrates @hippocrates.se


#hippocrates #csmumed

Let food by thy medicine. I'm quite proud of this cornucopia or is it a crudités?... especially the raw beets sliced like potato chips🥒🥕🍇🌶🍋🍊🌽🍆 #yogikait #tastetherainbow #plantpowered #letfoodbethymedicine #hippocrates


Chronic-degenerative-lifestyle disease treatment is a trillion dollar industry. ⠀

They aren't interested in prevention, they aren't interested in a cure. ⠀

Their focus is to medicate you as early as possible and for as long as possible. Vaccines coming in, medications going out. ⠀

Hook, line, and sinker. ⠀

When you see someone who's been on a prescription for decades with no end in sight, that's not 'medicine' that's a business model. ⠀

Reconnect and heal thyself. ⠀

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Dr. Greger on How Not To Die From Diabetes⠀

(Note: When he mentions 'zero weight loss' it is because people switching to a plant-based diet lost so much weight that they didn't know if the results were from the direct weight loss or indirect plant-based diet. So, they essentially 'stuffed' subjects with plant calories to negate weight loss and solely test the power of plants.) ⠀

Diabetes Stats: ⠀
*1 in 3 adults are prediabetic (86 million adults). ⠀
*Nearly 30 million adults (1 out of ten people) have diabetes⠀
*Diabetes is a leading cause of kidney failure, amputations, and blindness⠀
*More than 20% of healthcare spending is for those with diabetes⠀
*Diabetes is 60% more common in black Americans than white ⠀
*Blacks are 2.5x more likely to suffer a limb amputation ⠀
*Blacks are 5.6x more likely to suffer from kidney disease than others with diabetes ⠀

The Western medical approach to diabetes is a reactionary treatment of symptoms (insulin and blood sugar) but fails to address root causation. ⠀

This is why there is no end to diabetes medication, its a life sentence of pharmaceuticals until complications grow worse to the point of amputation, blindness, kidney failure, and other deadly symptoms. ⠀

But as these studies show, a whole-food plant-based diet has the ability to prevent, stop, and reverse diabetes in as little as a few weeks. ⠀

Decades of diabetic medication stopped in under a month of eating whole plant food. ⠀

Hiding the power of Nature is what fuels this medical crackpot. ⠀

Reconnect. ⠀

#plantbaseddiet #plantbasedfood #plantbasedfoods #plantbasedliving #plantbasednutrition #plantpowered #plantpoweredfamilies #veganpower #veganshare #veganforlife #vegancommunity #veganlove #eatplants #herbivore #frugivore #fruitarian #greenveggies #rawfoodist #rawfooddiet #rawfoodlife #rawlivingfood #plantsheal #traditionalmedicine #hippocrates #foodbethymedicine #herbalism #fasting #detoxify #plantsarelife #diabetesawareness

That Hippocrates guy knows his shit. When you put in good, you get good back. Every time we eat, every bite we take, we're sending our body a message. We're saying I want you to think a certain way, feel a certain way, and act a certain way. It's an opportunity to respect ourselves, nurture and care for ourselves, and savor special moments in life. I'm not saying that every meal has to be filled with greenery with no indulgences - definitely not! Simply just some food for thought...pun intended. What's your go-to feel good meal? #eatrealfood #youarewhatyoueat #lebotaniste

#fruitarian #vegan #beyondvegan #rawfoodsheal

Lunch and dinner for the next week! Is it hsrd giving up fast food and garbage? Yes, it was... but, I haven't been back to the hospital lately for stomach or intestinal issues, so I must be doing something right. "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -#hippocrates

Your own President now "disrespects" the flag. Why is no one talking, and defending that? 🤔 Collin did not disrespect the flag, or any vets. That was not his intention at all. That is how foolish people want to see it because they refuse to see the bigger issue. He took a knee to stand up for what he feels is right durning a song that was created durning a time where people talked about our country being free, & writing the Declaration of Independence all while continuing to have slaves. It's just like when Rosa Parks sat at the front of the bus, & when Dr. King marched thousands of people down those streets blocking cars. All we want to do it be heard. We want this generation, & the next to be better for our own colored children, but people who say that Collin disrespected the flag don't want to see that. They don't want to be reminded of what really happened back then, & what is really going on right now, right before their own eyes. If you are going to be upset about someone "disrespecting the flag" make sure you are upset with everyone who does it. #IStandWithKaepernick #dowhatisright #takeaknee #Hippocrates #racist #bigiots #fuckyou

Yo for real fuck this dude! How the fuck do yall still call this man "bae". Fuck this p.o.s. Checkin the comments too and people are joking about how its gonna piss of vegans. Youre damn straight! His followers are praising the fact that countless innocent animals died so this little fuck can sprinkle salt and make a video. Fuck him and fuck his followers. Im done.

"Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food." #medicine #art #artofmedicine #hippocrates

Some people may think it's extreme and definitely not for everyone but people have been fasting for health and religious reasons for thousands of years and I just love the way it makes me feel and look! It's always good to listen to your body. Intermittent fasting is awesome to give you a boost, keeps your blood pressure in check, improve your focus (brain function) and strengthen your immune system among many other benefits but twice a year (spring and fall) when the earths energy gives us a leg up to maximize our bodies "detox-ability"around the equinoxes I like to go a little deeper and push the BIG reset button. This means extending my fast for up to a week to give my digestive system a good rest and allow my body to flush out more toxins. Woohoo! 75% of our bodies energy is used for digestion so if we can give that a rest, even for a short time, the body has a chance to clean up some of the other messes we create due to our lifestyle choices and environment. I'm not gonna lie, it's not alway easy especially the first few days when the healing crisis sets in, but it does subside and you feel this amazing "fasting high" and knowing that your body is cleaning house and getting younger 😊makes it all worthwhile 👍
What I drink: mostly veggie juices, some fruit like green apple to make it more palatable, healing teas and broths with herbs and lots of lemon water to keep hydrated! 🙏💖
#fasting #juice #juicecleanse #healing #healingherbs #vegan #organic #nongmo #yoga #meditation #juicefast #juicefeast #gratitude #detox #detoxtea #equinox #fall #cleansing #rawfoodcleanse #rawfood #rawyoga #hippocrates #hippocratesinstitute

What a beautiful view 🌄

#kos #greece #september #holiday #picoftheday #instagram #hippocrates #island

Is the only road for me! Recovery! Fibromyalgia is a road , I wish for nobody to have to walk on! I am sure there are many more roads of uncertainty with other illnesses, lets chose life! God promised us life , he never said it would be easy! This road had many unexpected holes I fell in ,and when I felt like I could crawl out of them, I slid right back down in a dark hole! I pray daily for God to guide me on the right path to recovery and the ability to pull others out of the holes they are in , so can we walk together and hold each other up, until the Finish line!
#Guthealth #walkbyfaithnotbysight #reachforrecovery #believe #healthyfromtheinsideout #healthyishappy #healthiswealth #holdinghands #cleanseyourgut #cleaneating #steppingout #plexusismyfuel #whatsyours #naturesmedicine #ginger #Probiotics #Tumeric #starttoday #stopwastingtime #bethearchitectofyourlife #holistichealth #Hippocrates

✅Superfoods are nature's treasures that were recently discovered by curious people who were looking for answers to improve their health and lifestyle by connecting with the source of life (earth). ✅Thanks to them we can have superfoods in our daily routines. ‼️Their benefits go beyond the body, they help us mentally and spiritually as well because some of them work as adaptogens, yes, they help you adapt to changes in your environment by optimizing your potential and changing cellular reaction to stress. 📣This week I will be posting about this fascinating subject.✨ 🇻🇪
✅Superfoods son tesoros de la naturaleza cuyos beneficios estaban escondidos hasta hace poco. ✅Gracias a la curiosidad de personas que buscan mejorar su calidad de vida y conectar con la fuente creadora (la tierra) hoy podemos tenerlos como protagonistas de nuestro día a día. ‼️Sus beneficios van mucho más allá de los físicos ya que también nos ayudan mental y espiritualmente porque algunos funcionan como adaptogenos, sí, te ayudan a adaptarte a cambios en tu entorno optimizando tu rendimiento y modificando la reacción celular ante el stress. 📣Esta semana voy hacer posts sobre este tema interesantísimo!! ✨

#superfoods #superfood #superpowers #nature #naturaleza #comidasaludable #comidasana #adaptogens #connectwithnature #hippocrates

Turkey Breast mince is such a versatile meat and a great alternative to beef mince . Still lacks a punch with about 20-25 g per 100grms. I like to make a big Turkey loaf in my bread Tin and slice up to have with a big green veggie salad or today served up with some green savoy cabbage garlic onion and chilli . A big immune hit with all those sulphur veggies . Perfect with cold and flu season about to decend on us. Remember we are what we eat so stock up on goodness when cooking. #hippocrates #newbodyandsoulhydepark #busymummy #eatfit #eathealthy

What is "Gut Health" and why is everyone talking about it? Did you see GMA this morning?
Perhaps you've heard and are familiar with the term "Gut Health" in the news and media (GMA this morning) or from your #health professionals, but for those who are not, today we will talk just a bit about exactly what that is and why it's important.

Did you know?..... 💡Gut Health is not new; #Hippocrates himself is believed to have first made the connection between health and #gut. 💡The "gut" in reference to "gut health" refers to the entirety of your #digestive system, from your mouth and esophagus, through your stomach and intestines, ending with the elimination process. 💡Current estimations are that 70-80% OF YOUR BODY'S IMMUNITY lies within your gut. Please let that sink in for a moment. How often are you or your loved ones sick? Gut health matters. 💡As well, 90-95% of your #serotonin neurotransmitters reside in your gut (small intestine specifically). Again, pause and let that sink in.... #Mood, #anxiety, #depression.... is LARGELY dependent on your gut health. Only 5-10% of your feel good neurotransmitters are in your brain.

If this is new information to you, it's pretty amazing actually!

Could focusing on your gut health affect your health? Your mood? Your life? A RESOUNDING YES!! And many of us are living that reality!

And this is where we get super excited:
Plexus is determined to be the world leader IN ALL THINGS GUT HEALTH!! The best quality products for your gut health, #studies to prove the effectiveness. Check out the graphic below for all the areas of health affected by your gut health.

That Slim you're drinking? Clinically proven to increase the beneficial microbes in your gut: for your health, your #weightmanagement, for your good!

Get your gut healthy, change your health and, quite possibly, your life! This is why I have so much PASSION in what I sell. Gut health is so important.
Who knew gut health science could be so exciting?
#guthealth #immunesystem #plexus #itsmylife #gma #healthygut #prebiotic #probiotics #superfoods #love #healthylifestyle #anxiety depression #skinissues #leakygut #plexusisontosomething #didyouhearthat

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