Pusha T выпустит свой долгожданный альбом "King Push" - 25 мая.

Правая рука Канье Уэста, "король кокаинового рэпа", автор самых мрачных песен о жизни на улице, политический активист и бывший драгдилер. Всё это о Pusha T, который 25 мая представит общественности свой новый долгожданный альбом под названием "King Push". Об этом написал Kanye West в своём твиттере.
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I came into rap humble
I don’t give a fuck now
I’m like a drug got you buzzing so hard it will take you two weeks
To even start to come down #hiphop #rapbot #mceemoose #lyricalgenius

Akua Naru is tied as my second favorite emcee. Her flow and productions are incredible. The Miner's Canary is a terrific follow up to The Journey Aflame and the live version Live & Aflame sessions. I haven't decided on a favorite track yet @akuanaru #hiphop #jazz #poetry #poetrycommunity #nujazz #loungemusic #neosoul ❤🙏🙏❤ sibonga umculo ❤🙏🙏❤


@el_jistos and I are running the Everyday People fundraiser to help out people who are homeless or living rough, all the money goes directly to StreetSmart Australia and everyone who donates gets their name in the credits of the Everyday People music video, which we' be releasing when we reach our goal of $2,500. link in bio #everydaypeople #everydaypeoplecomingsoon #eljistos #hiphop #streetsmart #streetsmartaustralia #fundraiser #homeless #homelessness #sydney #katoomba #bluemountains #australianhiphop #aussiehiphop #newtown #kingstreet #donate

더 이상 울지 말아요
기가 막힌 세상 아픔은 잊어요

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