"Inside of Me". Lyrics by Joe Noel.《☆♤☆》.____. "I got away and I'm gonna share with yah.
The long gone days of mine and the wherewithal.
To break free of the devil and them rusty chains.
The food, the mouth, and the living and the pain.

Mine is a story of no sacrifice.
I did what I did, if not I did it twice.
I was no good down and dirty dealing.
And no that don't hurt any of my feelings.

I was a agent that drank from the bottle.
How much I drank, well that's impossible.
Most people said I was better off dead.
I proved them wrong; in my heart, in my head.

I am a man born undone and the rage in the cage.
The bottomless pit; it's all the same.
The Angels deny me as they have cried
As I sit here in my cell, no one replies.

Alone again in the darkness and the wind.
Or so the story goes, a man living with his sin.
A ball and chain to bare inside of me.
Shackled to it with no brass key to see.

The thunder and the rain.
The body and the brain.
The truth it can hurt.
Believe me it's my curse.

I burned down my life and spread on out the ashes.
The same way I lived, my life was a disaster.
I write this story as it pains me well.
To drag myself back from my living hell.

Redemption is clean and it goes unseen.
Where recompense is rare; in my life I didn't care.
A challenge was made upon me one little old night.
I woke understanding there was no end in sight.

The damage once done cannot be undone.
The scars so old; has the devil really won?
I think upon my life so old.
Why now do I get a chill from the cold?

Deep down in me is the body of truth and the pain to please.
I look now down upon the broken glass and pleas on the knees.
I ask for what I do not deserve anything more or anything less.
I know what I must do to get over all of this.

Hold my head high and be proud of where I'm from.
Be passionate and bold for what I want.
Courage and determnation are what lives in me.
The power to become whatever I may need.

No more will I put my mind to the test.
Each day I live, I deserve no rest.
I am the sanity that lurks deep in my head.
It knocks me down and leaves me for dead.

"The Unseen". -Lyrics by Joe Noel. 《☆♤☆》.____. "I don't wanna go where I don't wanna know.
This time I'm hungry and I take a breath for sure.
To relinquish the things that hold me back from my dreams.
My heart, my soul, and everything else below.
The down and the dirty and the nights and days so early.
I will decide where I belong. The ways and the prays in the night so long.
I look upon myself in my own broken mirrow; the flaws and the cracks and the thing you've never heard of.
I miss the me that had no cares. The times when I was little; the grief and the fears. These are the things that make me, me. The hopes, the dreams and all the little worries. The smiles and the luck; the times I didn't have a buck. To the love of only a few, but that's okay; it's even more than I knew. Down deep in the long dark days and the up late at nights. The candle is lit; where there is smoke, there is a fight. I toss and turn like a worn out man. The times I made when I was lost in the sand. The envy, the joy and the masquerade. The peace comes now with the truth brigade. I worry no more and make no sense of it. The angry, the sad, the times of regret. I live no more in the land of nothing. I reach out now with new hopes and dreams. New unbelievable things; things that are right and true and don't cost a thing. Tomorrow comes in such a beautiful way. The sun comes up and another day to play. The demons gone back to his lonely old cage and I move forward in my own special way. To live and to learn and to get things done. To spend my life and my time with a special someone. This life it burns, it bleeds. It takes your breath and sometimes knocks you down on your knees. I stand upon them scarred and worn. Sometimes for days just to get through the storm. The lightning in my mind so bright; the little boy too, so scared in the night.
The man I am and have become. The one I want to be and have overcome. Peace be upon me as I write these words, make these sounds and make it heard. I am the man I wanted to be. The charming one with a grin to see. The relentless one who lives and he breathes. I am my memories and the ones to come. That shape me somehow in the setting sun.

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