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the super artist Gagan Singh's interpretation of my ramblings ‘Spring is sprung’ ‘Pigeons are kind’ ‘Fail, fail again, fail harder ‘Trust your gut’ ‘Conquer from within’ ‘Embrace the journey’ ‘Roll with it’ in poetry and drawing...
rolled around thinking, many suns came my way
and the pigeons too
and i settled in
with where we are
the spring
- Gagan Singh
new_art_exchange - Drawing with Gagan…
Imagine your idea visualised in a bespoke drawing by an artist.... (Gagan Singh)

Here is what you need to do:

Send an email provocation to Gagan. This will form the inspiration for Gagan to create a drawing – it could be a word, a phrase, a question or a request, the quirkier the better! - (eg. “The smile that greets a fresh morning coffee”, or “what does the word colonialism mean today?”) Gagan sees the process ‘like calling someone up for a cup of tea visualisation!’ Gagan will send his response (if he is inspired to draw something) back to NAE and also back to you

NAE will post the drawing on Instagram and other social media
Email your words to Gagan: gobind1699@gmail.com

To find out more about Gagan Singh: http://www.gagansingh.net/
Artist #GaganSingh has followed our journey Here in the UK, There in India, and now joins us in the final iteration of this phase of the Here, There and Everywhere project. Positioned in the Everywhere – online – space, he invites you to collaborate with him in the creation of a series of personalised miniature drawings.
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Listened to some really interesting and important talks/discussions yesterday, as always was lovely to catch up with @sahejrahal #herethereeverywhere @mac_birmingham

Super pleased with the culmination of #HereThereEverywhere Phase 2... at the Birmingham Art Summit @mac_birmingham one of our key venues hosting artists Sahej Rahal and Ratna Gupta - great dialogues and memories... @weareprimary @delfinafdn @derbyquad @formatfestival @maputopia @aliapathan @sahejrahal @ratnaguptaart @_meens_ter @debbie_cooper #hardeeppandhal #tasawarbashir @azizibrahim56 @avanitanya @skinderhundal @thisisnikirussell @beckybeinart

Great to see @sahejrahal exhibition @mac_birmingham and share reflections on #herethereeverywhere labs @thisisnikirussell @maraacollective @hamdasti

Where you go, #WOLOSnacks goes! We are currently dreaming of a resort getaway with WOLO in hand 🌴🌴🌴

ThebDapper Mr Hundal opens the morning #HereThereEverywhere @skinderhundal

Today we’re at @mac_birmingham talking our #herethereeverywhere projects and collaborations with @derbyquad @new_art_exchange @weareprimary @delfinafdn

Birmingham Art Summit is on today 9.30-530pm the culmination of #herethereeverywhere uk/india... ft Live Art performance by @sahejrahal #dekkontrap at 7pm and @ratnaguptaart who shares her intricate and delicate beauty responding and creating a dialogue with Cannon Hill Park find her new work in arena Gallery @_meens_ter Meenakshi Thirukode brings to the fore radical curatorial perspectives, Tasawar Bashir brings visualisation of Qawwali. Also ft Avani Tanya, Aziz Ibrahim, Hardeep Pandhal and the partnership @weareprimary @delfinafdn @formatfestival @derbyquad @jaagarnaut @chatterjeeandlal @gagansingh05 - #drawwithgagan @jagindia @ashokvish #goalsenvisioned

I love sitting in the car on rainy days,listening to some @rejjiesnow and watching the rain fall ❤️ how do y’all enjoy your rainy day?!
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