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Two things I’ll never be rid of; the frizz in my hair and that touch of psycho in my eyes 👀😱😂 I’ve been using hemp body wash, Canna conditioner & lemon myrtle hemp oil for my face...loving what cannabis can do for skin/hair/body care #nochemicals #hightimes #highsociety #cannabiscommunity #420 #420australia #aussiecanna #hemp #hempmakesmehappy #hempseeds #cbd #thc #thca #cannahealth #cannabisissafer #cannabisisthefuture #cannabisismedicine #aussiecannabiscommunity #wewilldefyuntiltheycomply #safe #warriorsandweirdos #radelaide #420girls #instagood #instadaily #notallthosewhowanderarelost #friyay #weekendvibes

#hemphash pressed into 3.5g or 28g pucks! Hit up up @farmdirectcbds for pricing and current inventory. Killer deals #farmdirect #hemp #solventless 🔥🔥🔥#farmdirectcbds
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Happy birthday JADA❤️. If you ever get the opportunity to cross her path and have a conversation with her you’ll immediately notice her loving, warm and captivating energy.
She’s completely 100% herself and you WILL NOT be the same after conversing with her.
She’ll make you laugh till you cry, cramp or pee on yourself...
whichever comes first.
She’ll earnestly compliment you, she’ll put you at ease and if you ask her, her opinion on an experience or your appearance, she won’t hold back at all.
She says exactly what’s on her mind. 😂🤦🏽‍♂️.
She likes to figure things out on her own but she won’t hesitate to google something or if we’re out, ask a store employee for help locating something before she asks me lol.
She’s often labeled as “picky” but she just knows what she wants and she doesn’t settle.
I hope she never loses that.
She’s super assertive; she’s an alpha for sure.
She’s super intelligent and creative; her voice is jaw dropping.
Her intuition is clear and strong, her dreams are crazy vivid like mine and she’s super sensitive to the energy around her;
I hope she explores more of her gifts and strengthens them.
She’s 10 years old today and if it wasn’t for her existence and the impact she’s had on my life, I’d probably be dead or in jail.
I’m beyond grateful for you Jada, thank you for being you.
Happy birthday my love.

#BadAzz x #shinepapers
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If you have or deal with epilepsy or seizures PLEASE read this testimonial. CBD Hemp at CTFO could give you your clarity back.
Kendas testimonial. So awesome
Epileptic seizures, sleep

1500 mg CBD oil & CBD oral sleep spray.

I have epilepsy and my neuro Dr has not been able to find the right meds to completely stop my seizures. The type of epilepsy that i have, has a history of not being able to control the seizures. We have used a long list of meds that have not worked. The two meds that i am taking now are Keppra and Vimpat. Theses meds have slowed my seizures down, and most times when i do have a seizure its very mellow (known as simple partial seizure) but i was still having a tonic clonic just out of the blue every other month or so, depending on if i have clusters of simple partials..having clusters makes for a terrifying tonic clonic. And that results in a week of recover and the loss of my drivers license for a year. Anyway, a month ago i purchased the 1500 mg CBD OIL for chronic pain that im having, and my pain is not completely gone but its gone from a 10 to a 5 on the pain scale. And as for my seizures?? NONE not even a sign of one. Sometimes i will get the "warning" right before i have a seizure (if you dont know what that is, well its my body telling me im going to have a seizure AND this warning is the worst fear i have ever felt. ) but right after that i usually have a seizure but on rare occasions i will have the warning but the seizure does not come..i WAS having those allot. (My Neurologist says those episodes ARE actually another form of seizure) BUT back to the oil, i take 1/2 dropper 2 times a day for 30 days so far and im not having ANY seizure activity at all. God has blessed me with the CTFO company and products. I take 2 meds for my epilepsy, one is $40 copay and the other is $700 this is pr month. My oil is less than $100 AND works. Wow i find this amazing. Thank you CTFO. Oh and I also use sleep spray (I sleep 10 or more hrs a night now) and just ordered my pain cream with emu to use with my oil to control my pain. 📌 Link in Bio #hemp

Attention!!! Attention!!! Testimony from Janet Hanna Davis (not pictured)

Cancer Improvement with CBD Oil

I usually don’t write a testimony regarding the effects of some product even if it has helped a great deal. However, I have had the challenge of a major disease at least three different times covering a span of 33 years. .
The first two times I went through the standard protocol for such a disease but this last time, even though being diagnosed as Stage 4, I decided to go more natural route with teas, healthy diet, essential oils, few supplements, etc. That definitely helped but then the blood work showed the disease was becoming more active. .
When I was introduced to CTFO I immediately started the 1500 mg CBD. After being on it a full month there were significate positive changes.
I thank the Lord for CTFO and CBD as one of their products.
Monthly I have blood draws and looking forward to each one getting better and better until complete healing. What an awesome God and company, thank you!

#cancerscmancer #cancersucks
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I'm ready, are you?


・ ==雑貨とギフトのお店"Ruelle"リュエル==
🏡島田市横井2-4-21 TEL 0547-34-0058 🅿︎駐車場あります(プティシュシュさんと共有) #Ruelle Open10:00~17:00 Close水曜日 美容院プティ・シュシュさんの隣です✂︎ #Ruelle #リュエル #gift #ギフト #多肉植物 #エアープランツ #サボテン #ガーデニング #グリーン雑貨 #グリーン #島田 #静岡 #shizuoka #インテリア #麻ひも #hemp #観葉植物#レティジア#花芽#新芽#春の気配

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💚 Take Your Life Back! 💚 •Want help maintaining joint HEALTH & FLEXIBILITY? •Looking to boost your IMMUNE SYSTEM? •Searching for a way to ENHANCE YOUR MOOD? 💚 HALE IS THE ANSWER! 💚
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#tbt to our podcast with @mindritepdx_ / We discuss building an educated team, putting the patient and customer first, keeping a medicinal focus in a rec market and their plans for calculated growth and expansion / Listen on all podcast apps or with this link www.periodiceffects.com/episodes/e030

Here is a testimonial of someone who was successful using CBD oil to replace prescription drugs. #opioidepidemic

I just wanted to reach out and let you know the CBD has saved me from an opioid addiction. I have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. I was using Tylenol 3, percocets and hydromorph contin. By replacing my painkillers one dose at a time with CBD oil and capsules, I have eliminated all painkillers from the meds I take. I have even eliminated sleeping pills, anti-depressants and anti-nauseants! I have been using CBD for 3 years now and CTFO is the finest quality. .
------- + ------- + ------- +
------- + ------- + ------- +
If you know anyone who is suffering, CBD is key to healing!

I highly recommend CTFO's products. They are organic and legal without a prescription as there is less than 0.3% THC. - Signe Knutson .
🌿 #imallaboutthehemp 🌿 #gethemphealthy #cbdoil #cbdtincture #cbd #cbdinfo #cbdforthepeople

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