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Caio Castro, nosso convidado especial do desfile La Bella Tokyo, foi descoberto no concurso Casal Malhação do programa Caldeirão do Huck em 2007, e ganhou fama após conquistar o papel do protagonista Bruno na temporada 2008 de "Malhação". E ficou na novela até 2010.

Atualmente o galã rodou o mundo com o projeto pessoal. Confira o registro direto do Instagram pessoal do astro.
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New Zealand 🇳🇿 🚁
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Os óculos masculino mais lindos são os da Chilli😍💙#CaioCastroAprovou😍🖤
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New Zealand 🇳🇿 🚁
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What can I say... 🙏🏽💖😇 | #COLAB @purenewzealand #NZmustDO #GoPro #GoProNewZealand #HeliGlacier

@ski_verbier_exclusive is offering an extraordinary experience with the creation of the ultimate heli-glacier picnic. This once in a lifetime trip begins with a helicopter flight over the spectacular scenery of the Swiss Alps before landing on a remote glacier, which sits at an altitude of 3,400 meters, for an extreme gastronomic experience #elitetraveler
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After two days of torrential downpour and grey skies we could finally go and explore the South Island #privatehelicopter #glacier #snow #heliglacier #stunningviews #wanaka #newzealand #roadtrip #travelbuddy

On Our helicopter glacier tours, you see way more then just glaciers. #helicopter #tour #iceland #glacierhike #heliglacier

gorgeous glacial views from the heli tour I was so brilliantly blessed to be a part of a few weeks back 🚁 IT. WAS. INCREDIBLE!
summer in Juneau may have been rough at times with all the constant ••cold • rainy • cloudiness•• but the adventures to some of Alaska's greatest glaciers has been one of the most incredible chances of a lifetime! paying homage to the frozen grace of mama nature ❄️
I am in awe in the face of opportunity and choice!
I am grateful for the experience of this magical place!
I am pleasantly (and proudly) shocked that I manifested a life in which I end up in such strangely special and far off lands!
here's to the journey ::: to the quickening of my initiation ::: to the crystalization of my highest potential and calling 💎
may I always walk in gratitude, presence and centered in my sovereign heart 🌬 and may the next chapter be blessed, and a tad bit sunnier 🌞

Heli Glacier Hiking in the Tantalus Range

Let yourself be tantalized by the scenery while we take care of all the rest. Starting @ $595pp + tax. Includes all the gear, food and helicopter flights from squamish airport.
Trips daily and subject to weather changes. Email for details: info@coastmountainguides.com 📷: @wintonphotos

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The best day ever. Mountains, snow, rocks, baby seals, helicopters, waterfalls and my love. 👌🏼🍾🙌🏼 #Perfection #NewZealand #heliglenorchy #heliglacier

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