Is it cool enough to eat yet!?!? Can’t wait to try the whole-wheat seeded banana bread from @lindsaymaitland’s #healthyishcookbook. 😋🍌🍞 •

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After a week out of town on vacation it was great to get back in the kitchen and make dinner tonight! This delicious bowl of Coconut Curry Noodles with Cabbage and Shrimp from the Healthyish Cookbook was perfect for this dreary day. I added in some extra veggies including mini bell peppers and bok choy. I also subbed the rice noodles with Zoodles and some soy bean noodles I picked up at the Logan Square farmers market. 👩🏼‍🍳🍜🍤🌶@lsfarmersmarket #healthyishcookbook #newyearsresolution #foodist #cookinglover #curry #soybeannoodles #allaboutbalance #shrimp #cookbooks

Mini banana breads from the #healthyishcookbook for @saramichelazzo’s flight home.

Why hello, chocolate treats. (Slightly tweaked from the gorgeous Healthyish by @lindsaymaitland)
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I have some news! And it’s not just about this delicious buckwheat pasta with caramelized fennel and onions for dinner. I’m writing another cookbook! It’s called Help Yourself! The recipes are all gut-friendly (like this pasta, which is high-fiber, grain-free, and dairy-free.) I’m writing this book because I’ve learned that gut health is the root of all health, and this way of eating addresses things like inflammation, autoimmune disease, and just generally feeling better. This is really personal for me, and was hard-won learning over four years of struggles with my health. I can’t wait to share the process with you all as I write the book, and rest-assured for any #healthyishcookbook lovers, these recipes will be ones you will love. More soon, but for now, thank you for your support! xx, LMH #thehelpyourselfcookbook

Pork chop with sweet potato, fennel, and apple hash #healthyishcookbook @lindsaymaitland

My new favorite cookbook with my new favorite summer side- watermelon, feta, & mint salad. 🍉

It’s a new month and summer is around the corner! For anyone on the move, working long hours, and trying to eat a bit more healthfully, our Healthyish book offers 131 satisfying recipes with straightforward instructions, using as few pots and pans as possible, and ingredients that won’t break the bank. Not to mention, you can find the ingredients at your everyday grocery store (no garam masala or açai berries here!). Love this shot by @loveandlemons

haphazard staging cus we couldn't wait to eat this salmon tzatziki quinoa happiness 🤤 recipe c/o @lindsaymaitland #healthyishcookbook 🌺

Food prep for the week done!
Breakfast: avocado toast topped with microwaved poached eggs (no photo). Lunch: bahn mi brown rice bowls with spicy pork and sriracha yogurt. Boxed up for transporting and reheating makes it look nothing like the recipe! Healthy eating is tiring!
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Oops 😉 somehow I made two batches of banana bread instead of one. #notamistake #healthyishcookbook #wholewheat #tinykitchencook #theresamuffinmissing #alreadyatetwo

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