On continue les présentations des recettes qui vous attendent dans l’Ebook avec l’une des spécialités que l’on retrouve dans ma ville de cœur qui est Nice : la Panisse 😋
À base de pois chiche, vegan et sans gluten, elle se déguste très bien toute seule, à l’heure de l’apéro 🍹, mais elle accompagne aussi à merveille une salade composée 😋
Cette recette fera donc partie du Ebook, car il y aura une partie sucrée, mais aussi une partie salée 🤗
Ça vous tente ? Il vous suffit de vous rendre sur la page du financement participatif pour le lancement de mon atelier de création culinaire (lien direct dans ma bio ⬆️), le Ebook fait parti des contreparties avec plein d’autres petites choses 🍪🍫
Bientôt 100 contributeurs ! On compte sur vous 🙏💕
Belle soirée à tous ⭐️
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Happy birthday to my best friend🧡 I can’t believe you’re 27💥 Thank you for working so hard always, for loving me, for putting Christ first, and so much more. I am so proud of you and pray God fills this year with so many blessings for you. Happy birthday my love! 🎈

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I’m not gonna lie I shocked myself with this lift today. Game plan was 1 rep with 7 plates on each side. When I performed the first rep it felt sooo light it would of been dishonor to do just one. @rafaelmanofsteel

Love yoga 🧘‍♀️ ❤️

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225# TrapBar deadlifts feeling crispy AF this morning 💪🏼 —
I always start my Tuesdays with deadlifts because they’re my one true love ❤️ If you know me at all (and, if you’re new here, welcome! 👋🏼), you know that I love nothing more than to pound out some deadlifts and leave a happy lil’ biscuit 🐥 —
A year ago, though, I had to completely relearn my deadlift. It was humbling and (somewhat) humiliating, but it was mostly a HUGE wake-up call on the proper firing of muscles and form. It’s why I’m such a stickler for proper form and berate all my clients for it. —
Last January I was repping 130# for sets of 10. Today, while I was feeling like a ripe piece of overtired and hungry garbage, I pulled 225# for sets of 5-6 👏🏼 —
I think it’s safe to say that ~100# of gainz have been made, fam 🤩 —
This didn’t come easy, though. I’ve been deadlifting twice a week for over a year. Played around with block pulls, pause, conventional, sumo, and TrapBar. Worked on firing appropriate muscles. Worked on movement patterns. Coached others through the same, which, in turn, helped me perfect MY craft. —
Moral? 👉🏼 If you want something, work your ass off (literally) to get it. —
Happy #TransformationTuesday , deadlift edition fam bam 🎉 —

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E continuamos na ativa porque o dia tá só na metade.. um pouco do treino da morte de @kellyduraespersonal Vamos crescer essas pernocas 😂👊🏻🏋🏼‍♀️ #fococompaulinha #agachabb #fitnessmotivation #healthylifestyle #colccifitnessteam #galogato #sovem #datempo #semchoro #forcaefoco

Biceps and back day. Lifting heavier in week 4. Liift4 week 4.2 in the books. Rest day tomorrow. Getting stronger week by week.
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This is just TOO CUTE not to share!!
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‼️20 weeks keto‼️ long post alert
The picture on the left was within ~10 pounds of my heaviest weight during July 2016. I wanted a good side by side comparison, and since I used to hate my profile view, I have a limited selection of “before” photos. -
I have lost a little over 30 pounds these past 4 1/2 months and I couldn’t be happier. One of the biggest lessons i have learned is that food is not my enemy. Chris and I do lazy keto and sometimes we really want a smore while we are camping or some popcorn during a movie. It won’t kill us to treat ourselves every once in a while. Sure, we might stop being in ketosis for a little bit of time, but it has been or lifestyle for so long that it is easy to jump back in. I have a lot more self control when it comes to eating and I have a ton more confidence. I love having an excuse to get dressed up now or go shopping, things I used to despise. I am about 15-20 pounds from my “dream weight” so let’s hope I hit that soon! We are now going to start intermittent fasting so stay tuned! ————————————————————————
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Of all the beautiful roads I travelled, the journey back to myself was the most magnificent. The last few months have been a real game changer for me. Being far away from everything and everyone that tries to tell you what to do and what not to do. Distancing myself from all the systems and beliefs of society. Being on my own, travelling on my own and being alone with my mind and my thoughts for a while. Meeting amazing people along the way that listened to my thoughts and my dreams. And finally finding myself again. My core. My rawness. My happiness and my laughter. I’ve never been more lost in my life but never felt more found at the same time. Today I am grateful for listening to my heart and following my dreams of s completely adventurous and weird life.

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