The #HazelnutWeevil (Curculio nucum), also called the #AcornWeevil or just #NutWeevil, is a medium-sized species of #beetle native to Europe. As all species of #weevil do, this insect has a characteristically long snout. It grows to be about .3 inches long. Males' snouts are about 2/3 the size of females'. Adult Hazelnut Weevils feed on the leaves and buds of hazelnut trees. Females lay there eggs inside of maturing hazelnuts, making this insect a major pest among hazelnut farms. The countries that produce the greatest number of hazelnuts, such as France, Turkey, Spain, and Italy, are trying to stray away from using insecticides, preferring alternative methods of pest control, including the introduction of nematodes and fungus.

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