‘Gráfica Auwahi’ and July 28 volunteer trip 🎨🌿
Over the past few months, it has been an honor for all of us in the Auwahi Project to work with renowned international artist Mazatl @_mazatli_ in preparation for his ‘Gráfica Auwahi’installation at the Hui No`eau Visual Art Center.
In lieu of individual canvas works, Mazatl painted all four walls and the ceiling using his distinctive black and white printmaker style. With this technique, he has transformed the history room at the Hui into something visually stunning and emotionally touching. Using the native Hawaiian crow, the `alalā (Corvus hawaiiensis), and the invasive black rat (Rattus rattus), Mazatl has created a powerful statement about the erosion of Hawaiian nature and culture as well as their renaissance through ecological and cultural restoration. ‘Gráfica Auwahi’ will be on display at the Hui No’eau Visual Arts Center for the next year or so. •

Join us for our next volunteer trip to Auwahi forest on Saturday July 28, 2018.
Due to limited seating, please understand that confirmation of your reservation is required for you to attend. To request a seat, send us a note to volunteer@auwahi.org.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park #HVNP #birdsofthepark show is on display though August 12th. Hope you can check out some very special #endangeredbirds #alala #hawaiiancrow

Coming up this Friday local friends....You are invited to the opening for the Hawaiʻi Nei Invitational Exhibition celebrating birds of the park at the Niʻaulani Campus in Volcano Village Friday, July 13th from 5-7 pm.

My diptych "Seed Savers" will be in the show as well as a small 4" piece called "Return." Both works celebrate the endangered Hawaiian 'Alala. #hawaii #alala #hawaiiancrow #HVNP #birdsofthepark #crowart

This is a Hawaiian crow, currently extinct in the wild. It's one of my favorite pieces from my upcoming show with @giftprolific, "Civilizations," opening August 3 at @secessionsf in San Francisco. Save the date!

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Un ‘Alalā y un/a remerx Hawaiianx para mi residencia en @huinoeau ➰➰➰ An ‘Alalā and a Hawaiian rower for my residency at @huinoeau #alalacrow #hawaiiancrow #mazatl #huinoeau

‘Alalā or Hawaiian Crow - Ink and watercolour
Hawaiian Crow or ʻAlalā (Corvus hawaiiensis Peale, 1848) is a species of bird in the crow family, Corvidae. It is about the size of the Carrion Crow at 48–50 centimetres (19–20 in) in length, but with more rounded wings and a much thicker bill. It has soft, brownish-black plumage and long, bristly throat feathers; the feet, legs and bill are black. Some Native Hawaiians consider the Hawaiian Crow an ʻaumakua (family god).
Extinct in the Wild (IUCN 3.1) #corvushawaiianensis #crow #alala #alalacrow #hawaiiancrow #ink #extinction #drawing #watercolor #ornithology #birds #hawaii #painting #indiaink #watercolour #black #myart #dibujo #artwork #monochrome #blancoynegro #bw

El sagrado ‘Alalā (Corvus hawaiiensis) extinto en estado salvaje. Una de las pocas especies que usan herramientas para cazar. ➰➰➰ The sacred ‘Alalā crow (Corvus hawaiiensis) extinct in the wild. One of the few species that use tools for foraging #alalacrow #hawaiiancrow #mazatl

We love this beautiful sketch of the ‘alala, or Hawaiian crow, that can be found in the classic reference book HAWAII’S PLANTS AND ANIMALS: BIOLOGICAL SKETCHES OF HAWAI’I VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK: it is a gorgeous comprehensive overview of the plants and insects and animals of our partner park. Few books do a better job of walking you through the organisms that inhabit one of the last truly Hawaiian landscapes in the world. Find it at our shop, through the link on our bio. @hawaiivolcanoesnps #HawaiianCrow #Sketches #NationalParks #ReferenceBooks #Plants #Insects #Animals #WorldHeritageSite #BiosphereReserve #ExcellentBook #NationalParksReference #nativebirds #nativeforest #hawaiianbirds #hawaiianforests #alala

Excerpts from 2016 @dailymail article on the ʻAlalā (Hawaiian Crow):
They may once have been feared symbols of death, but crows are actually one of the most intelligent animals on the planet.
Researchers have discovered that despite being critically endangered, the Hawaiian crow – or Alala – may be even smarter than other species.
Alala are highly skilled with tools, which they use to prise insects and prey from deadwood and vegetation.
Following a population crash in the late 20th Century, the Alala is now extinct in the wild.
In a last-ditch effort to preserve the species, the remaining wild birds were brought into captivity by San Diego Zoo, to launch a breeding programme.
The researchers agreed to conduct a collaborative project, to examine the tool-using skills of Alala under controlled conditions.
Mr Masuda said: “We tested 104 of the 109 Alala alive at the time, and found that the vast majority of them spontaneously used tools...
Dr. Jane Goodall said:
“Let this discovery serve to emphasise the importance to conserving these and other animal species so that we can continue to learn ever more about the range of their behaviour before they vanish for ever in the sixth great wave of extinction. We owe it to future generations.”
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It may sound like the first line to a joke, but it really happened during recovery efforts for the Hawai'ian Crow (Corvus hawaiiensis). Researchers and private ranchers had to learn to find mutual trust in order to try to save this species, and turned to a family therapist to do it.
Isn't that almost too ridiculous to believe? How do you create trust with people, especially when you have to work with them? I'd love to hear some stories or suggestions in the comments below!
Link in bio for the full blog post.
#conservationstories #hawaiiancrow #alala

The Alala. The critically endangered Hawaiian Crow shot here in captivity (though a fine mesh screen) on #maui. They only open this viewing to the public once a year, and I took my family to it and was thankful for the opportunity. If not for the @sandiegozoo this bird would be totally extinct. I dream of a day of seeing one in the wild, as they are highly intelligent birds capable of solving puzzles. At the nature conservancy on Maui they are trying to bring them back. #alala #hawaiiancrow #thenatureconservancy #birding #endangeredspecies #endemic #caged @nature_org

687 - Was just learning about the Hawaiian Crow. Currently extinct in the wild and an attempt to reintroduce them failed 3':
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The ʻalalā! (Hawaiian crow - Corvus hawaiiensis). Extinct in the wild, but reintroductions are currently underway! #hawaii #alala #hawaiiancrow #iucnredlist #kbcc

Read how 11 endangered ‘alalā are thriving in a Hawai‘i Island Natural Area Reserve thanks to a partnership between our AIP friends at San Diego Zoo Global, the Hawai'i Department of Land and Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service!


#hawaiiancrow #alalā

There is nothing more inspiring than seeing a once extinct in the wild species back in their natural habitat! Check out these Hawaiian crows, also known as ʻAlalā, flying through their native forests!🐦 | Repost @alalaproject | Aloha all ʻAlalā friends and followers! Have you ever heard of the term "as the crow flies"? While this term usually refers to a measure of distance in a straight line, we wanted to share with you what a Hawaiian forest looks and sounds like, as the ʻAlalā flies within it! The ʻAlalā that are release candidates are moved from the conservation breeding center where they are hatched and raised, to a flight conditioning aviary located within the reserve before they are released. This is an important step in the reintroduction process to help them acclimate to their surroundings, as well as to help build up the muscles they will need in order to make long flights after release.The birds that were released in 2017 have started to explore the forest gradually, and one of the field members recently captured this footage of two ʻAlalā in flight, above the forest kipuka. What an inspiring sight to see and hear the ʻAlalā flying again in the forests! E hoʻolāʻau hou ka ʻAlalā! #alala #Hawaii #Hawaiian #Hawaiiancrow #crow #bird #birding #endextinction #hope #conservation #USA #island #islandconservation #wildlifeconservation #wildlife #forest #fly #animals
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This was sent to me by @vetiver_farms_hawaii. Good news for the Hawaiian crow, Alalā.
#Repost @nature_hi with @get_repost
We're delighted to share the news that the eleven ‘Alalā released into a Hawai‘i Island Natural Area Reserve (NAR) last Sept/Oct are thriving. The endangered birds are being closely monitored and have been seen foraging on native plants. The aversion training may be helping as well, as they have been observed avoiding their natural predator, the native Hawaiian Hawk, or ‘Io. Photo credit: San Diego Zoo Global
#hawaiiancrow #alalā

Getting schooled by @swiftcrow on crows today. This is why I love the internet. You don’t know what you don’t know till someone come along and shows you something new. And there is a lot I don’t know. I’m about to go down a rabbit hole.
***note*** my last post wasn’t a crow at all, it was a raven. And before today I didn’t know the difference. But the symbolism regarding the crow was legit.
From Wikipedia:
On September 26, 2017, 6 crows were released into the wild. In contrast to the previous release, the group released was made of 4 males and 2 females rather than just males. On October 11, 2017, another group of 5 crows, 3 males and 2 females, was also released into the area. The first group introduced also formed social groups similar to those expected of the species, and also responded to stressors in the environment, showing awareness of surroundings. The 2017 birds seem to be doing significantly better in the wild than those introduced in 2016.
#hawaiiancrow #alalā #endangeredspecies #hawaii #crow

We can’t think of a better way to bring in the New Year than the sounds of the formerly extinct in the wild #ʻAlalā aka Hawaiian crow 🐦back in their natural habitat. This bird has a special place in our hearts as our founder worked with them and it was one of many experiences that made her want to create @keyconservation. We look forward to putting our mission in motion in 2018 and encourage you all to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date with our progress. We can’t wait to make moments like this possible through our app.🐦| Repost @alalaproject | Aloha all ʻAlalā friends and followers! Have you ever wondered what an ʻAlalā sounds like? The ʻAlalā were (and are again!), by far, the loudest bird in Hawaiian forests and have a wide variety of calls. In the Hawaiian language, the word " ʻAlalā" is a term that has been used to describe a style of chant to further project one's voice, a messenger in battle that called out the chiefʻs commands, or the cry of a baby. We wanted to share some footage that the monitoring crew took recently, so you may hear what the forests sound like with ʻAlalā in them again! #wildforalala #ehoolaauhoukaalala #Hawaii #island #USA #crow #Hawaiian #Hawaiiancrow #bird #birding #birds #forest #birdsong #song #nature #endextinction #endangered #wildlife #conservation #wildlifebiologist #wildlifeconservation #hope #KeyConservation

Hawaiian Crow
Corvus hawaiiensis
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We are both used to setbacks. In your space
Race you lost three astronauts on the launchpad,
The pure oxygen willing fire into existence like an
Angry volcano god. We lost three juveniles during
Our species reintroduction on the Big Island; hawks
Collared two, the third died of starvation. Even your
Latest tech could not stop this elemental combustion;
GPS & VHF transmitters, our backs were Kevlar rigged
For a spacewalk that lasted a few weeks. The survivors
Were rescued, plans altered. You use tools & so do we.
You’ll launch us higher up the mountain into the cloud
Forest where predators can’t fly, the altitude leaving their
Wings grasping nothing. You’ll spend more time teaching
Us too; how to be crow. How to pick friend from foe.

Happy Fa-‘Alalā Days!! Love this gift from the staff at Keauhou Bird Conservation Center! I am thankful for the time I have been able to spend here with the ‘Alalā and all the little forest birds. 😊 #merrychristmas #hawaii #bigisland #alala #hawaiiancrow #olapa

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