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How much #babygear can I fit in a #costco wagon for an airport delivery- kind of a lot! 😜👍👍 #winning #momlife #slcairport #havegearwilltravel

The on-location #podcast #recording went pretty well last week. Captured 5 great conversations that will make really good episodes for my client once edited.
We did have to close off half of the conference room and huddle in the corner to avoid noises. Unfortunately this room (not my choice) was adjacent this public building’s main entrance, so we had to stop a few times to wait for loud people to pass by.

I switched out the guest mic from my @telefunken_mics M80 to the @shure Beta87a. Its hyper-cardioid pickup pattern reduced the amount of ambient noise being picked up.

The host on the SM7B has radio background, so his great voice and proper mic technique allowed me to position him closer to the noisy hallway without any problems.

If we go back in the future I’ll request a different room that is hopefully more quiet. They did take very good care of us there though! Great experience overall.

#podcasting #shh #quiet #recordinginsession #audio #mobilestudio #sm7b #beta87a #microphone #audientid14 #usbinterface #adobeaudition #ultimateearspro #havegearwilltravel

I got to to do an on-site #podcast #recording for a client last week so I had to pack up my mics and interfaces into my camera bag, which was a fun 3D puzzle for me to find the best way to get everything in the building in one trip.

Here’s what’s in my bag: - 2009 17” MacBook Pro (yep, it still works great since I put an SSD in it - it’s my secondary portable computer to my iMac 5K), PC Card slot SD card reader, power cord, and portable laptop stand (to reduce heat and prevent loud fans from spinning up) - @audientworld iD14 USB mic pre and power supply - @shure MOTIV MVi USB mic pre (as backup and optional 3rd mic input) - @ultimateearspro UE7 custom in-ear monitors - @tascampro TH-MX2 and CAD MH210 headphones (for podcast host and guest) - @monoprice 4-channel headphone amplifier and power supply - @shure SM7B, Beta87a, and SM58 50th Anniversary Edition - @telefunken_mics M80 - Popperblocker pop filters (inside each mic grille) and Windtec windscreen - 32GB SD card for recording session files (as an alternate external disk) - various USB and audio cables - @warbyparker Seymour glasses and case

Not pictured going in the backpack (out of frame): - @leathermantools Wave multitool with screw bit attachments (I never do any gig without my leatherman) - 1TB external USB3 hard drive, 64GB USB3 thumb drive, and additional USB SD card reader

Not pictured in addition to backpack items: - 3 mic stands, 2 music stands, and velcro ski shoulder carriers - 3 25’ mic cables, power strip with 15’ cord, and “The Mommy Hook” (for carrying cable coils hooked to backpack straps) - 2 king size fleece blankets and clamps in a duffle to use as portable acoustic panels if needed

#podcasting #audio #gearshot #portablestudio #havegearwilltravel #meonlylouder

Another BEAUTIFUL day to be skiing, scrambling and rappelling near #lacdubonnet. 3 years ago, I would have never thought this could be called 'working'. #everytreehasasilverlining #arborist #skimountaineering #winnipeg #workhardplayhard #ilovemyjob #entrepreneur #havegearwilltravel #nofilter

✌🏼- Photo by Chris Kues #anchordrums #studiolife #havegearwilltravel

Mobile studio up and ready to go.
#mobilestudio #mobilerecording #havegearwilltravel

Spending the day in Detroit providing streaming media for a Texas based client. At Endpoint Creative we have the tools needed to produce and share your event/training online to a targeted or public audience. #StreamingMedia #EndpointCreative #HaveGearWillTravel #OnlineVideo

Stocked and ready for #Houston adventures

When business calls you to East Tennessee, you make sure to bring your hiking gear with you. Our bud, @tylersut never misses his opportunity, sending us this beautiful pic from the Smokies today. It's nice seeing that W&Y sticker in the wild too ; ) #havegearwilltravel #trailbreak

Visiting the Johns Hopkins campus. So much history has happened here, it is almost palpable. #havegearwilltravel #baltimore

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