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325lbs. Holiday weekends are for cookouts.. and PRs, apparently. #thirdgear #sandbagger #hatebreed

God's Hate 'Hatebreed Rip' shirt. Size XL. SELLER - IG @nickgordon_ Email - stonecoldNG316@gmail.com #godshate #hatebreed #massmurder #closedcasket

'If you're 555, I'm 666'💀

Been running into this guy a lot lately . Fellow KIϞϞ Army member, all around nice guy and one of the greatest players out there @john5official #john5 #robzombie #hatebreed #maximusfestival #brazil

Thank you São Paulo!!!! #maximusfestival #hatebreed #brazil🇧🇷 video - @gabrielhatoun

Thank you @maximusfestivalarg Great show and party in Argentina! @waynelozinak #KerryKing @5fdpchriskael #Hatebreed #Slayer #Ffdp

253lb double which I'm stoked on because 253 was my last lifetime/gym PR. It's definitely ugly and I'm probably going to repeat this weight next week to hopefully clean it up a bit. Training has been rough because of life and shit but whatever. We gon make it fam. Happy that my squats have progressed this far, even if my double today was uglier than life itself.

Satisfaction is the death of desire. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Thank you @shanemunce @americanbarbellclub @hatebreedofficial #abcstrong #hatebreed #powerlifting #deathlyhallows #tattoo


Thanks again #wigan for making us welcome for our first time playing for you guys man! Big ups to the other bands who were amazing! Made some cool new buddies too!

Um Euch den Montag doch ein bisschen zu versüßen kündigen Bury Tomorrow die Supports Ihrer Clubshows im August an.
Dabei sind Vitja, Malcolm Rivers & Jasta - das Nebenprojekt von Hatebreed-Frontmann "Jamie Jasta". #burytomorrow #vitja @burytomorrow @vitja_official #malcomrivers #jasta #hatebreed #köln #Saarbrücken #konzert #show #august

We're over 2,000 miles away but we took the same style picture around the same time. My cousin and I are cuter/creepier than you and your cousin.

"Girl, you got more words on you than the damn dictionary!" -Wayne Tudor @ 510 Custom.

325lbs. Holiday weekends are for cookouts.. and PRs, apparently. #thirdgear #sandbagger #hatebreed

That time I got to sing in Hatebreed!!! But... From the crowd! Haha I almost fit the part??? #hatebreed

@hatebreedofficial on tour forever. #hatebreed
6/09-Paris, FRANCE
6/10-Vitorie, SPAIN
6/11-Lisboa, PORTUGAL
6/12-Madrid, SPAIN
6/13-Barcelona, SPAIN
6/14-Six Fours,les Places, FRANCE
6/15-Monthey, SWITZERLAND
6/16-Hockenheim, GERMANY
6/17-Nickelsdorf, AUSTRIA
6/18-Dessel, BELGIUM
6/21-Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO
6/22-Phoenix, ARIZONA
6/23-Las Vegas, NEVADA
6/24-Salt Lake City, UTAH
6/25-Denver, COLORADO
6/27-Nashville, TENNESSEE
6/28-New Orleans, LOUISIANA
6/29-Atlanta, GEORGIA
6/30-Orlando, FLORIDA!!!
7/01-Tampa, FLORIDA!!!
7/02-West Palm Beach, FLORIDA!!!
7/04-Wilmington, NORTH CAROLINA
7/06-Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA
7/07-Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA
7/08-Long Island, NEW YORK
7/09-Hartford, CONNECTICUT
7/10-Scranton, PENNSYLVANIA
7/11-Virginia Beach, VIRGINIA
7/13-Buffalo, NEW YORK
7/14-Pittsburgh, PENNSYLVANIA
7/15-Holmdel, NEW JERSEY
7/16-Washington, DC
7/18-Cleveland, OHIO
7/19 -Cincinnati, OHIO
7/20-Indianapolis, INDIANA
7/21-Detroit, MICHIGAN
7/22-Chicago, ILLINOIS
7/23-Minneapolis, MINNESOTA
7/24-Milwaukee, WISCONSIN
7/26-St. Louis, MISSOURI
7/27-Kansas City, KANSAS
7/28-Dallas, TEXAS
7/29-San Antonio, TEXAS
7/30-Houston, TEXAS
8/01-Las Cruces, NEW MEXICO
8/04-San Francisco, CALIFORNIA
8/05-San Diego, CALIFORNIA
8/06-Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA
8/10-Jaromer, (CZECH REPUBLIC)
8/12-Derbyshire, (ENGLAND)
8/13-Eindhoven, (NETHERLANDS)
8/15-Budapest, (HUNGARY)
8/16-Karlsruhe, (GERMANY)
8/17-Herford, (GERMANY)
8/18-Dinkelsguhl, (GERMANY)
8/19-Hamburg, (GERMANY)

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