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I dislike people who constantly fight to better themselves above others, or who choose the 'betters' above others.

Habt ihr schonmal versucht nen passenden Bikini zu kaufen? 😡 Und: Nein, wir essen nicht zu viel Kuchen. Linda hat über die aktuellen Größenbezeichnungen von Bademode geschrieben. Mehr dazu auf unserem Blog 👉www.kuchen-im-glas.com/blog

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How many things do you hate doing?
Maybe its one or two......maybe it's heaps of shit.

I have a solution 😊

Either stop doing the shit you hate.....or stop hating what you do. Pretty simple.

You have choices. Be smart and choose not to be the victim. Choose to look at things differently or stop sooking about it!

This can also apply to people, situations and thought processes.

#haterant #sharethelove #hatersgonnahate #justdoitoverthere #wholelivingexperience #mindset #youcreateyou #love #perspective #nodrama #instaquote #pearls

Everyone if you don't want to read me rant don't hit read more
Ok so Dillon the hacker was probably just trying to be funny I don't know but ya know he has been messing with pewdiepie for a while but now Jacksepticeye he has crossed the line and whoever is hating on jack back off I was reading someone's post about this and it just broke my heart I literally just wanted to start breaking down and crying and if Sean quits youtube from all the hate or if he some how loses like a lot of his subs I will be that one person left I love him so much he makes me really happy same with mark and Felix and I know there has been some issues with Felix as well and all and that is not ok I really love all of them when I'm bored or sad I will go to them to help make me happy so please everyonee quit the hate #standupforsean #standupforfelix #theydeservebetter #markiplier #jacksepticeye #rant #haterant #theyareimportainttome #stopthehate #FixTheJacksepticeyeCommunity

I dislike people who constantly fight to better themselves above others, or who choose the 'betters' above others.

YUPPPPPP don't mess with crazy either! #shady #whores #dontmesswithme #karma #dontthinkiwontknow #haterant #smile

The funny thing is, they are a band that i wouldve probably listened to and not hated if not for this shit. And not because they labeled themselves as punk. That pisses me off. Their music is mediocre at best, but i dont hate it. I probably wouldnt change the radio station if they came on. Well, if they showed up on a station for like punk, or rock (or punk rock) i would be pissed. But they arent the worst musicians ever.
#thingsmorepunkthan5sos #haterant #notpunk #notevenpoppunk

Good morning, good morning, good morning. It's going to be a great day and do you know why? (Subscribe to MarkE Miller 💕) Rant today and then I'll post photos.

Zayn fucking Malik.
I'm actually embarrassed that I cried because of you leaving. A week or something after I lost all respect for you, the way you handled things was terrible, you broke so many girls heart that month and then your friend or whatever he is posts a single of you? (Didn't like it btw). Now I'm not sure about what others think but that's not a being a 'normal' twenty-two year old. We all know you can't be normal after you being famous worldwide for the time you have been, but you do not get to treat us like nothing and certainly not Louis! I am so mad and quite hurt that you'd tweet something like that and guess fucking what, he has a much better life than you, sure he has haters but after that tweet he's got way less than you. And if you have Directioners against you, well we all know what happens to artists that get on the wrong side.
So maybe stfu before more people dislike you.
Yours sincerely,
Aussie girl.
P.s. I don't hate, I just really, honestly dislike you. (This didn't make sense, but this is what I feel, hate me all you want 😊) #haterant #ZaynMalik #1D #OneDirection #directioner #LouisTomlinson #HarryStyles #LiamPayne #NiallHoran #rant #dontmakememad #oops

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