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i meant to post this a LONG time ago but never did so here you go !!

Part 26: The Coffee Shop
You wake up to a camera flash on your face, so your sprung up, terrified. “TOMMM!” you groan. you heard giggles to see tom and haz, both red faced from laughing. “ugh! seriously!” you yell. but eventually start laughing, Lily was giggling also, considering she just woke up as well. “lets walk.” tom says grabbing your hand. you smirk and pull away and you begin to run and you yell, “gotta catch me fir-“ you then run into a girl causing you both to fall. “shit shit shit shit shit, im so sorry! my boyfriend is being an arse.” you say smiling. the girl giggles and stands, brushing off the sand. “no no its totally fine!” she smiles, “ im y/n! and you are?” you ask, “oh right, sorry im Hailey. im here for a while for vacation. just got out of a horrible relationship, so i needed a break.” she stops, “sorry, i always over share.” she says, looking down.

Part 89.... Oof.

Peter meets the Dora Milaje in Amazing Spider-Man: Wakanda Forever! Ace comic, but most importantly look at Tom's smile :)
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