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I’m shook that I won the contest not gonna lie ahaha but honestly looooooveeeeee the video @meme.holland

he looks so sweaty and hot #exercise

Tom is so extra 😂😂😂😂

oH mOY gAwHd

tom’s new tweets!!
tom tweeted twice in a day wHaT

“Uhhhh guys you are already ten minutes into the game. You might want to go start collecting points...” a co-worker interrupted you and Tom. The two of you both looked up shocked. You pushed tom in front of you into the arena. Immediately shooting him and running away.
Tom: y/n! You cheat!
You laughed and continued to run, hearing his footsteps follow you. You continued to look back to see how close he was. Your head was turned when you bumped straight into Haz. You stopped and just looked at him. His eyes glued on yours.
That’s when you felt a buzz on your back. You turned around to see Tom had got a hit on you. Then another one again...but this one from Haz. You turned, a “are you for real” look on your face.
Haz: sorry babe, don’t get distracted. You saw him smile before he caught up with Tom. They were likely gonna go find Daisy. So you ran through big black blocks and mirrors until you finally found her. You were about to say something when you put a finger on your lips. She took your hand and dragged you to a second floor of the arena. The whole time you watched out for the guys. It was almost as if they had left. Once you reached there you had a perfect view of downstairs. And that’s when you spotted them. The two of you took out your guns and took your shots at them. Laughing at their surprised face. They didn’t know where you guys were hitting from, they didn’t even know there was a second floor. But that’s when Tom began to realize if you weren’t near him, you could be hitting from above. You and Daisy tried to duck underneath the railings but it was too late. Tom had saw you and was on his way over. A devilish smile on his face. He ran up the ramp and somehow disappeared. You searched for him only for a second before you were bombarded by Haz. Daisy ran off leaving you by yourself.
You yelled out, receiving a deceiving smirk from Haz. He had his gun on you and you had yours on him. Both of you ready to shot, hands on the trigger...
The both of you lowered your guns in panic when you heard Daisy’s scream. Haz smiled and you froze.
You: tom!

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