Dozen she just melt your heart 💕 In her 12 years she has given me so much love and happiness #happybirthdaysof

Birthday Behavior with my Girl 🎂 one picture isn’t enough😏😜 #happybirthdaySof

A happy happy birthday to Artistry dancer @sofia_gumucio05 We are crazy proud of how hard you have worked and grown this year! Hope it’s the best day ever!! #artistrydanceandcompany #artistrybirthdays #happybirthdaysof

Lo so non è il massimo ma...ció messo il♡
Lo pubblico più tardi con la possibilitá che lei lo possa vedere...
Il giorno 6/03/02 nasci tu♡una piccola principessa,di nome Sofia...
Ti voglio troppo bene,perché sei fantastica;speciale;magica;unica;solare;divertente...insomma in 1 parola sei:SOF♡
@sofia_dallerive @sofia_dallerive @sofia_dallerive @sofia_dallerive @_guidodr @giudodr @_guidodr @_guidodr @gianni_dallerive @gianni_dallerive @gianni_dallerive @gianni_dallerive @giovanna__contino @giovanna__contino @giovanna__contino @giovanna__contino ♡♡#HappyBirthdaySof#+16

•If you look into the distance, there's a house upon the hill
Guiding like a lighthouse to a place where you'll be
Safe to feel at grace 'cause we've all made mistakes
If you've lost your way... I will leave the light on•. 🔞🔞 Always here for you Sof ☁️💕#happybirthdaySof

L'unico modo per avere un amico è essere un amico. #happybirthdaysof #sorellastra #24enonsentirli

Oldest & youngest 👯 #happybirthdaysof

#3bears and a #unicorn.. #happybirthdaysof 🎉🎈🎁🎊🎀

this day was so amazing. sof, i love you with alllll of my heart and i only wish an endless amount of happiness and joy to you because you deserve it. thank you for having me be a part of this night. 💛 #happybirthdaysof @sofia.racciatti @belluhojeda @mariia.karla @melanie__mariee @laurilooloo @sofia_hernandez1119

I can't believe you're 24! I remember watching sitting at home with all my anxiety, not wanting to go to school, and not wanting to do anything. I switched on the TV and Austin and Ally was on. I sat and watched the whole episode of "Princesses and Prizes'" and thinking "Wow...She's amazing" and i still think that to this day. You have come a far since that day and i am so proud ❤ I can't wait to see how much more you achieve ❤ Sofia, i hope today is going great and i want you to know how much we all love you. I know you have helped so many people, including me 💙 Happy birthday Sofia anndddd HAPPY ONE YEAR OF THE "LOVE IS THE NAME" MUSIC VIDEO 💛
(@sofiacarson @sofiacarson @sofiacarson)
Please tag her I'll return 💜
#HappyBirthdaySof #LITN #BTB #IGLY

lit tuesday night 🎉 #happybirthdaysof

Happy dinner 🌶🍧🍸#happyriverbilbao #happybirthdaysof

This babe deserves all the 21 year old chocolate alcohol 🍫🎂🍸🍪🥂 #happybirthdaysof #DiPasqualesisterbirthdayseason

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