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Birthday getaway weekend with my babes..
#happybirthdayboo #loveyou #weekendgetaway

love me some Chania💛 #happybirthdayboo

This is the 7th time celebrating your birthday with you but this is the first time I'm celebrating you as my HUSBAND!
Happy Birthday baby! I pray you have the best day possible - I love you so much!#27 #TheHusbandsBirthday #HappyBirthdayBoo

Hey mama, mama, hey mama, maaaaaa #happybirthdayboo #davidguetta

😊😊😊😊 #HappyBirthdayBoo

In Sin City with my angels 😈😇 #vegas #happybirthdayboo

Happy Birthday to one of my best friends ❤ can't wait to party in New Orleans 🎉🎭 #HappyBirthdayBoo

Wishing my love @thefeistyhouse a very happy birthday. As you embark on another year I'm so grateful to be on this journey with you, and on this #internationalwomensday I'm particularly thankful for the strong, intelligent, ambitious, gracious, and fun loving example that Maya will grow up with. Love you ma. #wcw #happybirthdayboo

I'm so excited for the next few months with you 👰🏼 But honestly it's the fact that I have your friendship for a lifetime that makes me the happiest 👯💕✨ #ILYSM #TeamBride #HappyBirthdayBoo


Denne mand har fødselsdag i dag! ❤️ Det kan da kun fejres med intet mindre end masser af mad og kage, Crossfit Regionals, træningstøj og da lige en lille smuttur til Madrid næste weekend 💃🎉🏋🏻🇩🇰 #Manervelkærestemedencrossfitter #Meridianregionals #Madrid #Happybirthdayboo #Kageangmass #Loveyou #cornyiknow

Pizza party 🍕 #happybirthdayboo

🎉🎉Happy birthday love❤️🎉🎉yayyyy finally your birthday is here, and you getting oldddd👴👅.hahaha!!! Well, I still remember the day we met 🙈.The day we started talking🙊. The day when we realized about our feelings😚. Those are the best moments which i'll keep in my heart forever❤️. You mean the world to me🌍. You are my shining star just keep shining🌟. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for understanding me😅. Thank you for all the butterflies i feel in my tummy everytime whenever i see you😉.Thank you for all those magical moments🌟💕.Thank you for making me laugh with your stupid jokes👅😅(You need to learn some good jokes don't worry i'll help you with that😂😂). That all means alottttt to me❤️. I must say i'm lucky to have you in my life👽 just be with me forever and i promise to stick by your side hamesha😚💕. No matter how hard situation gets or whatever happens I won't leave you alone👻 never ever💃. And what i have with you i don't want with anyone else🤗. Keep smiling my cutest boo😄😎Well, i think now i should stop writing😂😂. So okay, once again i wish you a very Happy birthday👽💕. Loads of love,hugs and kisses😘. I love you so much❤️. Enjoy your day bhondu👽💃💃. God bless you my boy 😇🙋
P.S: I'll meet you soon❤️.
#soulnection #happybirthdayboo 🎂

love me some Chania💛 #happybirthdayboo

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