midnight wishes and sleepy face. #birthday #happy29th #withgalaxy

I am truly bless that I married a strong, loving and supportive husband. Everyday with you and our kids is a precious gift from above. I am always happy that I made a right decision in marrying the man I love which is you My Ryan! 💕 #happybirthdaytoyou #happy29th #MonAmour

Happy 29th Birthday to the kid that’s not in diapers! The look on your face here tells me you always knew life is great! #happy29th @thereal456

All I can think about is turning 30 lol hopefully someone will invent a time machine between now and next year and I can keep traveling back to 29 lol 🙄

#birthdayblues #HappyBirthdaytome #happy29th #saynoto30

Out at the bay with the boys for daddy's birthday! 🎁 Bruno slept on his lap the whole way home 😴 Best fish and chips we have had in a long time! 🐟 We love you dad! #happy29th #birthday #theboys

happy birthday bro! ❤️❤️
Happy 29th!
Thanksss mum for bringing u to my life!
I cant imagine my childhood without u!! U delighted my childhood, filled it up with joy and happiness!! We played, we fighted and even we cried tgt!! My boy, wish u all the best! Wish ur dream made ytd night come true asap!
Dearly love u and mum! ❤️❤️❤️ #老姊與陳弟弟 #生日快樂 #chanchiuchiu #happy29th

Today is this guy’s birthday! @levishultz Here are some pictures from his birthday over the years and a bonus to show how much cooler, sexier, and manlier he has become. 😍 I am such a blessed wife to be married to such a sweet and sacrificial husband. #happy29th

ขอขอบคุณเจ้าภาพในวันเน้ 🍖🎂🍰 #happy29th #ตามรอยแฝดสาม #มันใหญ่มาก #ดีต่อใจ #bookmagolthailand

God gave me u the day before my Birthday because he knew u would lead me n the right direction, my Birthday follows yours because Ill always have your back through wat eva. 9and29👯👯😘😘 💪💪💕💕

แต๊งกิ้วนะจ๊ะ 😁 #cactuslover #cactus #happy29th

Before this day ends, I want to thank everyone who took a second for greeting me on my wall, sent sweet personal messages through texts, viber and DMs, and to those who posted pictures and videos that I have to see first before it will be posted. I LOVE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! Thankful for my family and friends who made an effort to make today extra special. Thanks to everyone who has showered me with kindness, and challenges, and inspires me everyday to become a better person.
Thank you to my little one who made my everyday special. Riley, I love you and mommy is very blessed to have you. Cheers to celebrating more of my birthdays with you.

Praying for a year filled with places to explore, adventures to conquer, fears to overcome, musicals &concerts to watch, sceneries to photograph, people to inspire and of course, enough money to spend, or how am I supposed to do all of those? Hahaha! But on a more serious note, above all of these, I pray for a heart willing to serve and filled with nothing but overflowing joy and contentment. THANKYOU JESUS for another year. You blessed me beyond what I wished and hoped for. My life didn't go as planned but I know Your plans are much better. 😘😘#happy29th #blessedbeyondbelief #imtooblessedtobestressed

HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY 2 MY HOT ASS MOMMA 💕😍 #happy29th #hotmom #coolmom #bestmom #girlswhofish #slayallday

The older we get the harder it is to recover from birthday weekends like this but it was worth it! 🥂#happybdaykor #finallyrecovered #gococks

Ok so we didn’t get to spend our 29th at the beach this weekend as planned .... #hurricaneflorence 😒
but I guess we don’t need the beach to celebrate our crazy fun lives together ...never a dull moment makes us what we are today ♥️♥️ you put up with me and that’s the best part of being US! 😉😉
Happy Anniversary Daley!!!! Here’s to many many more to US!!! Luv u!!!!!!!
#happy29th (ps and yeah No I’m still not goin to Canada next year for our 30th lmao!!!!!)

On the other side of the world it's a new day. Your day. Happy birthday, my love. Thank you for being my pillar of support, my constant in life and my best friend. You are the most kind-hearted, generous, and loving man I've ever met.You always treat me as a priority and the most important person in your life. Here's to many more years of adventure and happiness together #happy29th

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