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The road is bee-eye-itch my friends, but it’s the only road I know. We’re having a great time out here but I’m missing this duo. ❤️🐊💅🏻❤️ @annemess #hank

What’s up????

My lil nephew Hank just had his first birthday party ever and just like his favorite uncle, he sent everybody home early after falling asleep eating cake in his underwear. Still can’t hardly believe he made it a whole year living with my sister, Lord knows I used to struggle with it myself when we were under the same roof. Can’t wait for him to be old enough to like this post. #hank

Just a boy and his beagle is all he will ever need#dirty#hank#badassbeagle#gritty

Style of hank
Hastag #handsomehank
#handsome #hank #style
Do follow him My second account @__handsome__hank_45__

Five years ago, @gbbywtsn & I were living out of a van together seeing how many days we could go without showering.
We had matching single dreadlocks in our hair & grew skin so thick, you would think we were bullet proof. These days we're a bit softer (and cleaner?), and taking on different sorts of adventures #hank. How grateful I am for Gabby & Nashville & #kony2012

Už jsem jako @mahdies od teď budu nosit dámský kabáty 😄 #red #smutnybubenik #sebastianmusic #cat #adidas #hank


Above ground at the pet cemetery 💕💕 #hank #goldenretriever #petcemetery #missingtheolddogs

Meet “Tuff” me and @m_e_m_t_ rescued him and his little sister “Delta” off the side of the road this past week while traveling to town from the camp. They were running down the side of the road in search for trash and food. I asked the farmer who lived close by if they were his and he said they were strays and had been out there since they were born searching for scraps and food and fending for themselves. I didn’t think we needed 2 more dogs in our house but looks like God had something different planned for us! They were covered in fleas, bites, dirt, and Lord know what else. Deltas hind legs looked broken because they were so swollen and needed vet attention. After a few baths with Dawn we brought them to the vet. I’ve never seen dogs so excited for baths. They are so happy to get constant attention and not have to eat trash and fend for themselves. I’d say these 2 strays hit the jackpot by falling into this household! If you know us, we take our dogs everywhere with us lol. Now Tuff and Delta will get to live the happiest puppy lives along with their big brothers Hank and Mako :) I can’t believe in the 4 months since they have been born so many passed these little turds up! Looks like me and Meagan just doubled our little family lol 🐾 #SwampAssassin #RescuePups #Strays #Heinz57 #WhatPapers #Tuff #Delta #Mako #Hank #DogsOfInstagram #dogs #puppy #PuppyLove #SPCA #ADogsLife #DeltaBorn #DeltaLife #CampDogs #GunnerKennels #MansBestFriend

My gorgeous boy 💤😴💙🐾#hank #hankthedaschund #daschundpuppy #daschundsofinstagram 🐾

Hanks preference of sleeping this evening!!! 💤😴🐾💙#hank #hankthedaschund #daschundpuppy #daschundsofinstagram 💙

Chego em casa cansado.. você pensando milhares de coisas ao mesmo tempo aí ele vem e dorme no meu peito, ele é minha válvula de escape dessa floresta de concreto #hank #amor #filho

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