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Savoring these last moments of summer ☀️ #lunchbreak #namastebythepool #handstandlotus

How yogis skinny arm it. 😝
Upside down in @aloyoga

Once upon a time, I was a dedicated baby-yogi that religiously attended my Mysore ashtanga classes Monday-Friday. I battled diligently with Supta Kurmasana (Reclined Tortoise aka Kurmasana with bound hands and both feet behind-the-head). I started with my hands close-ish to touching and my feet inching towards my head (but certainly not behind it). I progressed to getting one foot behind my head, and eventually the second, but only with the fork-lift-like assistance of my teacher. I eventually set the goal of getting both feet behind my head without the assistance of anyone. Yes — I mean sheer leg power and determination to wiggle those f'ers over my head without any help. I tried. I wiggled. I pushed. I crumbled. I let loud exacerbated sighs reflect off of my face-planted mat. And then one day … while I was visiting a mysore class and teacher that was not my own … it happened. My second foot magically (and stubbornly) wiggled it’s way over my first foot that had been waiting patiently for YEARS to have it’s mate. I cried out in joy. I had reached the top of one of the hardest physical mountains I had ever attempted to scale. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I completed the pose cycle: I propped myself up, lifted my hips off the ground, and let my feet fly free into Titibhasana, a tight pivot into Bakasana, and shot my body back into Chaturanga, where I experienced the most satisfying vinyasa of my life.
The teacher had witnessed my success, sauntered over, placed their hand on my shoulder and simply stated: be humble.
My mouth dropped without any formation of words. There was no congratulations for the years of persistence — five times a week — constantly met with ‘almost-but-not-quite’. That moment stuck with me and taught me so much about myself and my students.

Work hard. Yes — be humble. No one likes a pompous asshole. But celebrate the hard earned victories. We don’t celebrate nearly enough, and if there is a beautiful cry welling up somewhere deep within your body — let that cry roar!
I realize this video isn't the posture I described, but it is the first handstand lotus after a year long injury, so this is my long-winded way of saying: F YES!

When your yoga sessions pay off-proudest moment everrr!!! Thanks @yoga_ky for spreading your magic ✨😉 #1yearanniversary #yoga #handstandlotus pc: @yoga_ky

Keep everything crossed. Hold your breath. Just in case.
Picture taken by the incomparable @nanglee
#lotuspalmtreepose #handstand #handstandlotus #brutalism

Peak yoga pose enjoyed under the warm Mexican sun.
#yoga #handstandlotus

Having done this for a while. Keep practicing.
#yoga #yogaeverydamnday #handstand #handstandlotus #handstandeverywhere

Currently using this box as a force field to block out any negative energies.👌🏼✨✋🏼 Hahaha just kidding, I'm using this box to plant a whole lotta Strawberries in later!!🍓🍓🍓🙌🏼💜 Yoga is already my force field against negativity... 😏🙏🏼 The box is just a representation of that.
Keeping my Peace while I balance these energies. ✨✌🏼️💛 How do you practice finding/creating inner Peace?☮
If you practice Yoga, what poses guide you into the sensation of Clam?

Share, Tag, or @yoga_katy_daily in your own posts that reflect Peace & Calm.💜🌸 Sending Good Vibes your way. ✨✨✨ #InnerPeaceIsPower


A little something that lightens my bad day Love it ❤️. Thank you 😘. @smig_van_basterd_art
#handstand #handstandlotus #inversion

Fresh cold air and inversions.
Happy Monday. 💙🕊 .
Sparrow Leggings from @namastefitlife
#namastefit #handstand #handbalance #stagleghandstand #padmasana

Back to some home practice with #yogaglo. I’ve been super tired this week but dragged myself onto the mat to get moving again, sometimes we just have to start and everything else falls into place. Found myself having a go at this doozy, still a long way to go but love all the new challenges in front of me.

Throw back handstand lotus at Santorini Greece. Missing my holidays. Looking forward for the next one.

Day 14 #yoga4x7 😁😂😁 I finally did this with the sofa assistance for one side 🤨🤸🤨. Totally unexpected for the peak pose #HandstandLotus and I am ready to celebrate 😂😂😂 even though I need the sofa to help for the balance. Right flexor was always the one with sensation, but also the one with good opening 😄🤔🎀💜. Also discovered that my wrist strength was only good for about 30sec for this action 😁😬😁. Host @cyogalab
Sponsor @livesankalpa
#yogachallenges #yogainspiration #yogalove #whandstandjourney2017 #whandstandjourney #inversion #Handstand #invertedlotus

Day 312/365 of #Handstand365_2017
#Handstand_365 🙌🤸‍♂️💚🤸‍♂️💚🤸‍♂️
Lol....it's so hard for me to come in lotus upside down 😁🙆‍♀️🤸‍♂️ #HandstandLotus is always a #workinprogress 💪🙌
Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends! 🙆‍♀️😍😘
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@inversionjunkieapparel 🙌🤸‍♂️
#SilsJourneyToHandstand .

#confusedgirlleggings .

Over the weekend teaching lovely people, new and familiar, in Johor Bahru at Peace Studio! Thanks Keith and Liss and all participants! Our last workshop on Handstanding was a blast and would you believe our star student was 60 years young! We also had workshops on Srm balancing, Yin & Yang yoga practice and Tibetan Singing Bowls therapy. More workshops in Malaysia coming up in Ipoh, Penang, and KL!

#handstand #yoga #workshop #yogaeveydamnday #malaysia #johorbahru #peacestudio #yogaworkshop #bethechange #lotus #groupselfie #handstandlotus #newstudents #sajeevayoga #yogaforlife #movement #health #practice #practiceandalliscoming

Jump, bend, fold, and land.
Stripes Fitted Crop and our new SIMPLE Black lounge pants. (snag some for a limited time! )
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#scorpionpose #padmasana #handstandlotus #lotuspose

Leaving this weekend with my heart full, a huge smile upon my face and a ton of new friends! That’s what yoga... and life... is all about!!! Thank you to my fellow presenters @mcyogi @realheidipowell @dancebody @mndflmeditation for being so inspiring and sharing your wisdom with us all. Thank you to our amazing hosts @ritzcarlton @visitameliaisland for putting together an amazing festival! Cannot wait until next year! #AmeliaWellness #RCMemories
Enjoying some sun in @aloyoga

Viparita Salabhasana .
in Quinn Nectar capris .

#fulllocust to #fulllotus. #upsidedownlife #handstand #padmasana #handstandlotus

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