Is a bangladeshi iftar really complete without some chhola, beguni, alooni, pakora and doi bora?? 🤤🤤
The only food missing is haleem
Always super thankful for family and friends all over Canada who have opened their hearts and homes to us ❤️❤️

Is it really a trip to Montreal without some @boustanmontreal 🤩🤩
Chicken wrap, fresh hummus and garlic sauce slathered potatoes 🤤🤤 #cometomomma

Enjoying some poutine, Quebecoise style 👌👌🤤🤤.
At @poutineville you are spoilt for choice when it comes to toppings, sides, proteins and types of fries!! Bon appetit!

We have a great selection of fresh salads every day! Take your pick #KebehKabab

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