So in 2009 I was 310 lbs and #SickAndTiredOfBeingSickAndTired. I went on a calculated weight lost mission. I changed my diet and I started running everyday like I was Forest Gump and shyt #NoJennyTho. I got down to what you see in this 2011 pic of 193 lbs but I was too small for my 6'1 African Mandingo Warrior Frame😳

I decided to get my weight back up last year but this time it would be threw proper dieting and exercising. I was able to get up to 256lbs and now at 224lbs and continuously leaning down, ...... who knows what's next but all I do know is ----} I'm on 🌟#TheRoad2BecomingAProBodyBuilder🌟 ({--- click it to see my journey thus far)
#EverythingIsComingIntoExistence #iKnowExactlyWhatImDoing

Have A Great #bbaMotivationalMonday Family✌

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