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Happy! Just like Maya’s shirt says. Today is semi warm (33° 🤣) + daddy gets home from his work trip. What are you happy about today?!

We want to see love ripple .

Foreign adoptions are banned from Ethiopia because of the fear that children will suffer abuse and neglect. With this change, Ethiopia may not be able to cope with the large number of orphans and children needing homes. In country solutions are going to have to take place to fix an already established dilemma.
Love changes the script for kids at Selamta. The Selamta model is one that has proven true.

First, Selamta’s Outreach Program takes action steps with families to prevent them from breaking apart. This means when desperate parents are faced with giving up their children; not because they want to, but rather the task of providing seems near to impossible due to health, socioeconomic and other restrictions, we walk alongside them. We partner with the whole family, working alongside parents to secure education and employment, and help them move toward self-sufficiency.

Our Forever Family Program is another in country solution. Kids who were orphaned are placed in forever homes with a mom and siblings. Each family is fully integrated and active in their community, breaking social stigmas about orphans. No child ages out. Independence is determined by readiness, employment and self-sufficiency, not a birthdate. One size does not fit all. We focus on the needs of each individual child. Real Family. Real Love.

This is why your support with Selamta is so significant, and we can’t thank you enough! We can to see brokenness end and see hearts that know the love and support of a family. We believe that together we can see Selamta or “peace” happen in such a beautiful place. We want to see each and every child sponsored this month!

Please share this message with your friends and check out our link in bio to see a report on the ban on foreign adoptions.

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