My visits to Sand Point keep getting a little longer every year. Thankful to keep checking out Dannielle’s home. #hidannielle #hiBT #hiwhit #julybreak #sandpoint #westcoast #shumaginislands #norsemaid #aream

On my way to and from work I listen to podcasts. I’m learning about this little company called Lyft, have you heard of it? #howibuiltthis #podcast #apple #guyraz #npr #lyft #rideshare #cars #carride #hibt #saturday #drive #driving @lyft #johnzimmer #jz

Great advice, we all get scared but most of the things we are scared of is just scary and not dangerous at all. How many times have we been afraid of the dark but there is never anything dangerous in there. ******
But the truly dangerous things in your life are the things that aren't scary at all. The comfortable job that is stopping you from creating what you want. The complacency of comfortability. The things that you look back on when you are 70 and like damn...I should have.
In the iconic words of #kevinmccallister #imnotafraidanymore.
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Why has the economy left so many people behind? Have a listen to @elisacp talk about the workforce and what it takes to fix work. Subscribe—and catch us anytime and anyplace—on your favorite podcast player.

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Guy Dailey made some choices in his twenties that sent him away for 15 years. I asked him about them, and while he talked, I kinda felt like some of his actions were justified. But Guy felt differently. He talked to me for episode four of HIBT & was raw and more vulnerable than I expected. I’m lucky to count him as a friend. #podcast #mistakes #recovery #hibt #bigbadbreaks #weallmakemistakes #accountability #better #warriorspirit

AUWE🔥Need your KOKUA and focus🔥 Marine subsistence and recreational fishing in Hawaii is under attack by Federal and Mainland interests wanting power, money and could criminalize recreational fishing as we know it- they have already done it to the fishing Ohana in Alaska! There are 2 Federal bills doing this in different ways. One is CO-authored by Hawaii’s Senator Schatz. The other is proposed by Florida Senator Soto who wants to BAN ALL Pacific Marlin ( Hawaii largely impacted) caught from being sold to Mainland restaurants etc, preserving that $ only for mainland caught marlin. Senator Soto fishing friends and supporters have depleted their resource and have limits imposed on them, so they are lying about the need to preserve Hawaii’s resource in order to control marlin sales for themselves and control the market price- Hawaii’s fishermen and coops are their competition, and they can’t compete in an open market. No Hawaii Federal Senator or Congressperson has spoken up about this to defend Hawaii. #SenatorSchatz must also have been mislead by some NOAA folks who want to impose control over Hawaii recreational and subsistence fishing. Since Hawaii does not have a Hawaii Marine fishing license, this is one way to take control- this has been catastrophic for Alaska subsistence fishers- who become criminals if they are caught selling Fish personally to anyone. I support giving away fish to friends and family, but not banning recreational fishers from making some side cash to buy rice and vegetables, or pay for rent and kids school supplies, etc. or choosing to join a restaurant coop to make some spare money when they catch a huge fish. Senator Soto’s Bill could cause Hawaii’s abundant Record size marlin to be trashed in our landfills again! #HIBT beware of Federal threats to all your progress. Call or email the Senator and others NOW before it’s too late for Hawaii’s fishing Ohana to do anything about this.

Our top 5 podcasts for anyone who is looking to add an extra dose of #entrepreneurship to their day
1. "How I Built This" with Guy Raz from NPR
2. "Problem Solvers" with Jason Feifer from Entrepreneur
3. "This Week in Startups" with Jason Calacanis
4. "Entrepreneurs on Fire" with John Lee Dumas
5. "How to Start a Startup" with Sam Altman by Y Combinator and Standford U
#NPR #podcast #entrepreneur #ycombinator #hibt #eofire

ON SALE NOW! NPR Extra's How I Built This on August 1st with Guy Raz featuring Kim Jordan, founder of New Belgium Brewing! Buy tickets now at bouldertheater.com! 🛠 🍻

Congratulations to my friend Brooke! Shes Miss Billfish 2018 @ the Hawaiian International Billfish tournament this August! Fish SACS sponsored @lookie_its_brookie with a buncha @fishsacs swag! Keep the look out 4 some gorgeous pics of Miss Billfish 2018! #hibt @HIBT @lookie_its_brookie @boat.bunnies @fishsacs #fishsacs www.fishsacs.com

Anyone hear me on How I Built This podcast from @npr with this Guy?!Well, today I am honored to announce I’ve been invited to speak at @guy.raz latest creation, the first-ever How I Built This Summit on October 16th in San Francisco. I’ll be sharing my perspective on building an empowering company culture and there is a full day of workshops, conversations, and networking to help you build your idea into a business or your business into a powerhouse! The program is already full of fierce founders, including the men ✨and women✨ behind AirBNB, Lyft, StitchFix, Rent the Runway, Carol’s Daughter, method and many more.
Link above in profile to get tickets and use promo code HIBTSFF at check out to get my F&F $100 discount. ❤️🙌❤️

Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament 2017. #hibt #hibtfishing

Watch @1sotwan @khaliqqq__ @slick_longway_25 and others go to work on this Guards Above HIBT workout. LINK IN BIO TO FULL VIDEO. SUBSCRIBE TO HYAKUTV. TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS.

A full set of @desperadolures ready to hit the water in Kona 14” Grander 14” Super Five-O’s 9” Weasels #bluemarlin #ahi #kona #hibt #igfa##desperadolures #yamashita #yozuri #biggamelures #tuna #bermuda #blackmarlin #fish

If your holiday weekend plans are taking you for a long road trip we have just the thing you need to pass some time. About a year ago to the day Apt. App was featured on an amazing podcast by NPR called “How I Built This” which tells the startup story of big time successful entrepreneurs like the real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran, John Mackey of Whole Foods Market, Joe Gebbia of AirBnB, and Howard Schulz of Starbucks to name a few. At the end of each episode there is a segment called “How You Built That” which tells the story of entrepreneurs who are just starting their business. We were fortunate enough to be on the May 22, 2017 Compaq Computers episode. It was a lot of fun and we can’t believe it’s been a year already! So on your travels this Memorial Day weekend do your self a favor and enjoy the entertainment of one of our podcasts “How I Built This”.
📻If you want to hear our story, here’s a quick link to our segment which starts at 35:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FVck3mvRV8w
@npr @guy.raz @barbaracorcoran @joegebs @airbnb @starbucks @wholefoods

The search is on for the next HIBT (Hawaii International Billfish Tournament's) 59'th Annual, MISS BILLFISH 2018. Clink the link in our bio for more info and tag a friend who you think would be perfect. The winner will get a bunch of rad stuff including a #FISHFLAGSxCBB SWIMSUIT OF YOUR CHOICE! 🐟 #BigIsland #HIBT #kailuakona #sundotmarine #fishflags #hawaii #fishing

Bart Miller at the helm - circa 1970’s. Photo was taken at the Kailua Pier during the Hawaii International Billfish Tournament. Repost from @pacificboatsyachts #blackbart #blackbartlures #konafishing #hibt #hibtfishing

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