Happiness is something you have to keep working for and searching for in your life.
Your brain isn't designed to make you happy, it's designed to protect you and keep you safe from danger and that's what it focuses on as its default setting.
That is why we have to work a little harder every day to focus our mind, body and spirit on what is beautiful, what is positive and what will make our souls happy.
I used to think that happiness was something that just magically enters our lives and in many cases it does but not as frequently as you would hope for and that is why you've got to work on your own happiness daily to surround yourself with the things that make you feel joy in your heart.
Make happiness a priority and a goal in your life, too often I see people with goals that ultimately bring them no happiness or joy because they are so focused on money, accumulation and achievement that they forget that all that is meaningless if you aren't happy within.
Happiness is something you have to work for and in many cases you have to fight for to feel it in your heart and to experience in your life. ✒ @before5am

My first Halloween
#Repost @lillyeven ・・・
Yer a wizard, Remus! #HappyHalloween

Watching The Great Pumpkin with my bff 🎃 #charliebrown #thegreatpumpkin #happyhalloween

#happyhalloween #haveagoodday отгуляли выходной 🎃🎬

Only 105 days till #halloween.

I’m embarrassed to say how many spells I actually know from Harry Potter #happyhalloween

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