Sowing into the future of freedom tonight! #H4TH

Tonight we are coming together to sow for the future of Freedom 🙏🏽 #H4TH #go2fcc

After a great weekend just gone, we’re excited and honoured to welcome another friend of the house to join us at our 11am service. Owen Morgan is a fantastic preacher and we love having him with us!
Make sure you’re here this Sunday morning at 11am. It’s going to be a great one!
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Our Heart For The House is to see the world, our continent, our nation and the one, find and know the love of Jesus Christ!🇿🇦⛪️🌍
We have some beautiful stories of redemption and we have a beautiful Heart For The House presentation that you get to be part of! Hop online and make yourself at home on our page Hillsong.com/southafrica/h4th/

Young Monarch playing the Smaller Rooms Stage at Head for the Hills 2018
@youngmonarch @head4hillsfest
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Holy Moly & The Crackers playing the Hills Stage at Head for the Hills Festival 2018

Everyone go see this band if you can!! @holymolyandthecrackers @squeezeboxrosie @head4hillsfest
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I’m so excited about what we announced this past weekend. The next 3 weekends we will be unpacking our Heart For The House Series. Then on the 4 weekend October 13-14 will be celebrating 30years as a church. Be in church the next 4 weekends! #faithfamilyoh #30years #h4th #thisisamoveofgod

My HEART FOR THE HOUSE STORY: I believe that when we pray for somebody elses miracle God takes care of us and our miracle will follow after at the perfect time. 7 years ago I prayed that my mom would have her happy ending and a second chance at love before I got married. I never could have imagined the power of Writing that prayer down for H4TH, less than a year later my mom met her husband and exactly a week after she got married I met my now husband @ghiome_kolbe . I learned that God cares for us so much and he is kind and he wants us to be the same. As we intercede for others God is working in the background on our dreams. If its important to you its important to God! So grateful for my husband. Thank you Jesus for this gift of marriage! I will commit to protecting it and treasuring it forever, through the good and the bad! #h4th #mymiracle #miraclebabyisthenextprayer

After such an incredible #H4TH Sunday, we are super excited to start this week!! Call up your friends, start your group or join a group and make new friends?! Monday we’re coming for you! ⚡️ #GoodCompany

How good was today?
Thank you @dwarfmanjay for investing in to this house. Thank you for the encouragement that you always bring, the bold faith with which you speak and for the person that you are.
We look forward to the more that God has in store for you, Chloe and your family!
Have an amazing week Church! -
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What a special day in church today, left feeling more stirred up and challenged to think about what I am asking God for! #dreamingbigger #h4th

There’s an inheritance waiting for us... all we need to do is, Ask. Building a church to build a Nation 🇿🇦

Heart 4 The House Sunday has left us in AWE! ⛪️🇿🇦
God moved in so many ways today & we experienced miraculous upon miraculous! The best part is that we get to build a church that builds a nation with YOU!
Tell us about your favourite part of today?

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God bless Africa!
May her glory be lifted high
Hear our petitions
God bless us, Your children

God we ask You to protect our nation
Intervene and end all conflicts
Protect us, protect our nation, our nation, South Africa

South Africa!
Ringing out from our blue heavens,
From our deep seas breaking round,
Over everlasting mountains,
Where the echoing crags resound,

Sounds the call to come together,
And united we shall stand,
Let us live and strive for freedom,
In South Africa our land.

Amen! I feel privilege to call SA #home
#H4TH #southafrica #build

Heart For The People! ⛪️🇿🇦
We are grateful for each and everyone of our volunteers for bringing the good news, welcoming people, having conversations, praying over others, serving and making church happen!

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