⠀ Growth mindset has become such a buzz word (phrase 😆), but it’s really, as with most good practise, just something old turned new again. Having students and parents reflect on what’s going well and how they can improve “grow” has been done for years. And while this is only one aspect of growth mindset, we think it’s important to remember that good practise will always be just that, good practise! Regardless of its name 💕⠀ ⠀ ⠀
🌵💡 Our new grow your glow templates are this week’s #tptfreebie - enjoy! We thought they come in handy during this crazy hectic reporting period. Our members will find their copy waiting for them under New Resources, everyone else can download via our TpT store 😊 Link in bio
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We all aren't BUILT the same. I come from good stock. 🌟 When the employee you gave a chance decides to have less integrity than your expectations. 🤷‍♀️ Keep it pushin. #purepositiveenergy #lifelessons #foolmeonce #bestwishes #huntingtonbeach #integrity #dountoothers #yougetwhatyougive #growandglow #huntingtonbeach #ilovehb

Give me the opportunity to make you have a glowing skin😄❤

Taking action can be scary AF. Doing something you’ve never done before can make you pee your pants. It makes your ego go like: “You know what? Screw this. I’m not doing this. What was I thinking? I should run. Yeah, that’s a great idea, run! I’m going to go back to the comfort of my uninspired life. At least I know what to expect if I stay stuck. And those instant soups and noodles aren’t so bad, are they? Who needs gourmet dinners and fancy cars anyway? I can totally live without that. Come on girl, let’s get out of here.” And just like that, you’re right where you started. You haven’t moved an inch.
But here’s the deal: standing in your fears is the only way to push through them. And if things don’t work out as planned? Then great! It means the Universe presented you with a lesson. Something that you needed so that you can grow.

What scary leap do you know you have to take but are afraid of taking? .
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Buddha bowls are my absolute favourite thing in the world . There’s so many variations and they are so nutrition packed and healthy , and even though there’s lots of ingredients , they are so easy and quick to make !
Finally getting some of my recipes together to add to the blog (been so insane busy)
This is one of my favourites , and it’s so flavourful I don’t use any dressing except for lime juice and sometimes a sprinkle of olive oil 🌿The goods🍃
•Bake then broiled (till crispy )chickpeas with rock salt , garlic salt and cayenne •Pickled cabbage (I’ll add this quick recipe to blog)
•chopped purple kale •cucumber
•cherry tomato
•red onion
•cilantro •radish
•charred broccoli florets
•grilled tempeh
sprinkled with lime 🍽🍃❤️

Showcasing my work @dusitd2nairobi today alongside amazing artists Geaorge Ongeri, Wendy Serita , Ibra Ndungu, Melanie Monosi and Faith Wanjiru. Come by before 6pm and sample the great creations. .
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When you become a dog 🐕
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Being on a spiritual path does not prevent you from facing times of darkness. But it teaches you how to use the darkness as a tool to grow.🌿
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I hate to break it to you, but if you want to be rich, you’ve gotta stop envying other people who already are. Focus on your own relationship with money and make it a kick-ass one. Don’t spend time thinking about how much money your friends have in their account. And how they seem to be able to afford everything you can’t. Stop it. Stop it now! It’s not going to make you any richer. In fact, it’ll keep you right where you are. Just know this: there’s enough for everyone. There really is. The Universe does not discriminate, nor does it only hand out money to those who work really hard. You can have everything you want. But you’ve got to be willing to heal your relationship with money. If you don’t know how, I’ll happily help you. Because you SO deserve to bathe in money. You don’t have to be ashamed to want it. You can have it. And if you work on your mindset, then take inspired action, you will. 🤩 .
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I’ve made mistakes, I have flaws, and I always try to be optimistic. No I may not be accepted by this world, from the extra curve, light I offer but when it comes down to it I know GOD accepts me and holds me down like no other! 💪🏾✨! Stay BLESSED! GROW AND GLOW! #GODismystrength #blossom #growandglow #faith

Self love is the most important love. Flowerbrains babe: @gabby.s5 💕 #flowerbrains #growandglow #selflove

When people ask me what I do I tell them I’m a Mind-Body Medicine Specialist & Tantra Yoga Instructor helping people to heal from unaddressed pain, awaken their souls memories, discover their deepest desires & live their life’s purpose. For me this work is natural, it’s easy & it’s fun. With one conversation I can feel & see the truth, the shadow, and the blockages that hinder a person from experiencing lasting happiness. (This is a gift of light)... 🎁 This is my lightwork. (One part of it) My work is sacred, filled with joy, and I am led by divine inspiration. I have the ability to see what someone wants and can see the path they can move towards to achieve it. 👁 When we turn our 3rd Eye on, when we cleanse and purify our Chakras, we have access to higher levels of consciousness and so much potential to help others ignite their light. I ignite many lights. I inspire many people with words, conversation, my level of compassion and non-judgment. I live in the light, I work in the light, I share the light. I am the light. ✨✨✨ People try to seek perfection and I’ll tell you that you’re already perfect in your imperfections. Remember where there are cracks that’s where light in you is revealed. Embrace your shadow, embrace your light, embrace yourself, and take your time. Remind yourself to never to rush your journey by those who know nothing about your souls goals. Take your time, remember all of time is Now. Here is your power, in this moment. Breathe in gratitude... You are Light. Let yourself shine. ✨✨✨✨
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So it’s around mid 2018 and I remember in the beginning of the year I set some personal goals for myself, a mantra if you will, and upon reflection hitherto, “Grow and Glow 2018” has been a thing for me ✨♥️. Last year showed me flames people 😂👀🔥, in all areas of my life but this year has been dumbfounding thus far. I feel great and I’m so happy I get to learn and unlearn things continually in order to reinforce myself and become a better me. I look forward to the second phase of the year, what will it bring for you? 😊✨♥️ #learn #unlearn #educate #Inspire #growandglow #iloveit #thisiscrazy #thisismylife #filledwithhappiness #manifestit #youareamazing #youarehowyoumove #mystyle #ifeelgreat #menwithclass #youareworthy #youryear #ichooseme #loveyourself #dope #menwithstyle

Happy rising! Yes, I know it's a holiday weekend and you are busy planning your beach day, but here's a simple breathing technique for you to incorporate into your day to initiate some inner calm. .
Inhale for 4 counts while saying "I am" in your mind. Then exhale for 4 counts while saying "at peace" to yourself. Repeat the cycle at least 4 times to ground yourself, to relieve stress and to have some much needed time for yourself.

I was still in my twenties when I achieved all of my business goals. Ticking off everything on your list of dreams can seem surreal, but it’s something every one of us CAN do.
I was the editor-in-chief of 2 magazines. I got interviewed on a prime time morning radio show. I worked for television. I translated bestselling books like Fifty Shades of Grey. I got to hang out with international celebrities. I became friends with people I used to look up to. I wrote television commercials and worked for major companies. 🌟
I’m NOT telling you this to boast. In fact, I hate arrogance.
I want you to know that it wasn’t always easy for me. I had doubts and fears. I was terrified that people would think I wasn’t good enough. That I suddenly would stop making money. That I forever had to bust my ass to make this work and would never have free time again. Whenever someone gave me advice that was fueled by their own fears (“you know, X% of businesses fail in the first year), my doubts kicked in.
Here’s the thing that changed everything for me: my mindset. My spiritual journey. My belief in the Universe.

After I changed, my business changed. 🌟I started working less and started earning more. 🌟I stepped into my power, fully. Not half-assed like before, when I was afraid to shine. 🌟I raised the bar for myself and for how I wanted to be treated by others. 🌟I started to invest in myself and got rewarded for believing in myself BIG TIME. 🌟I started upgrading small things in my life, like not buying the cheap sheets but going for the fancy ones. 🌟 I learned how to shift my focus to manifest the life I wanted to live and be the person I longed to be.

It was this experience that made me decide to not only keep writing, but to help other women step into their power by shifting their mindset. By teaching them how the Law of Attraction can help them make MAJOR shifts. I’m talking living your life with ease and confidence. Rewriting your limiting money beliefs. Building your soul business on your terms.

I ONLY work with women who are READY to grow and who crave a change. Those who’ve had enough of being stuck and want to move forward. [CONTINUED IN COMMENTS] 👇

Natural Fairy 🧚🏻‍♀️ #growandglow

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