On the left is my first ever wrap application. On the right is my current wrap. Sure my technique has gotten better but the thing I wanted to share is how amazing my natural nail length is! There’s no extension. My nails are the longest and healthiest they have ever been. I never thought I would be able to quit biting and/or breaking them. I would blame keeping my nails short on having kids but let’s face it - who wouldn’t want beautiful nails instead of barely there nails? I couldn’t even file them they were so short. Super happy with how #jamberry wraps have helped me grow them out ❤️❤️❤️❤️
#beautywithkala #jamminwithkala

OMG girl does your mani chip as soon as you get it done? Well here is a Tuesday Tip for you!

so I did a thing💅 my fingertips needed a break fa real 😒😁

I'm so excited that my nails are all the same length that I can't sit still long enough for them to dry properly 😜🙈 #girlproblems

Stress caused me to bite my nails for years...but thank God for Herbalife, I did it! 🎉💚💅🏼#collagenbooster #growyournails #naturalnails #formernailbiter #youcandoit #naturalbeautyproducts #jerseyfitcoach #jerseyfitnutrition

Video of how I do them is on my Facebook page ( Pennys Nail Bar ) 👍🏻 #pennysnailbar #thegelbottleaus #thegelbottleinc #silkextensions #biab20 #growyournails #goldcoastnails #gelnails

Here is my thumb nail growth update. After just 2 weeks my nail has now grown past the tip of my finger and you can clearly see the free edge. So much for the idea that thumb nails don't grow. Natural nails are just like natural hair, if you do the right things and look after them they will grow.

When women support each other, incredible things happen! 🎉💚💅🏼💚💆🏻#loveyourself #investinyou #takecareofyournails #nailbiter #collagenbeautybooster #growyournails #womeninspiringwomen

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