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As I creep closer to my goal of being in shape for our Hawaii trip this year, I started hitting the gym twice a day now: first thing in the morning for 45 minutes of fasted cardio, and again during the day to get my weight session in. It’s hard work, no lie. But I’m making time for it because it is important to me. I could easily come up with excuses that would take the place of this time that I have dedicated each day for the gym, but that would not get me any closer to my goals. #dothework #fitgoals #teammuscleclub

When your just trying to remind yourself its ok to love you and your best friend bus a jaded narcissist @kittyzuzumoo. #bff #oddcouple #Pisces #healing #pnw iloveme. #grow #funny #doesntsurpriseme

To wake up,
To see and understand your obstacles,
To discard whatever holds you back from yourself,
To grow your mind, body and soul,
To thrive. To live.🔥
One of the hardest things I had to do in order to grow was say goodbye to one of the closest friends I ever had.
I knew that she was a negative force in my life that I wanted kept around out of fear.
I loved her, she taught me a lot, and I never wanted to lose her friendship.
As my consciousness expanded more and more, there came a point where I knew I couldn't progress until I did away with all things harmful to me. And it took a long time to accept that my close friend was actually harmful to my energy, aura, mind, etc.
For awhile I just thought that I SHOULD feel small and irrelevant, like I felt with her. Or like I SHOULDN'T feel beautiful and smart.
I just accepted the treatment because 'she's right' and at the time, I was honestly unaware of HOW she was making me feel like this. Sometimes I even questioned if it was all in my head.
But there came the moment when I brought the dilemma to her. I told her how I felt from the heart, that I want to continue our friendship, but I needed some things to change.
However, there was no desire to cooperate with me.
Which is fine. That was just the cue to part ways.
After awhile of mourning her absence and then being out of the situation, looking in, I realized EXACTLY how she tore me down everyday.. The stronger and wiser I become, the more I can cut straight through the bullshit.
The more I journey on in this body and mind, the more I understand why everything happens and happened the way it did. Life is too fucking short. There's no time to waste catering to someone else's life and leaving your own life in the dust.
Just know, this was something I needed help understanding, and maybe you need the reminder, too; You are WORTHY of happiness.
Soak it in, wrap your head around it, believe it. .👽
And sidenote, I do not harvest negative emotion over my old friend. I still honor that light in her. She deserves just as much happiness, too. She gave me a wonderful life learning experience. ✴Learn from your oppenents.✴ #learn #grow #awaken #mindfulness

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Every year it’s so exciting to see this rhubarb emerging in our garden, it only came from a little scrap of a crown the last owners left behind. It always catches me by surprise & feels like the start of Spring. And this year I will be able to share it with you all at the cafe! There will be cake, crumble, compote & fool 😅 #spring #rhubarb #grow #thegoodlife #sussex #hassocks #hurstpierpoint #burgesshill

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😅Happy Friday🏋🏻‍♀️ #lift#dontgiveup#work#healthymind#body#soul#grow

Breathe. 🍃

Good energy is contagious AF. I’m grateful for all the positive support in my life.

I love my circle of favorite humans. Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them...
your smile, your hope, and your courage. ❤️

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