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Looking to do some good when you’re grabbing groceries this weekend? Stop by a @longosmarkets in North York and pick up a food drive bag. Your support will make sure our neighbours in need have access to the healthy food this spring. #fooddrive #springupforgood #groceryshopping #grocerylist

We stay focused on providing meal plans that waste less food, improve the health of your kitchen and taste delicious. Our promise: You can get a week’s worth of dinners from just 20 fresh ingredients. Share code: SPRING20 to save $20 off an annual plan. Ends Sunday, March 25th

Happy hour reminder of what to pick up on your way home: 🧀 or 🥑 (or both), 🍷 or 🍺 (or both), and all these ☝🏽babies. #fancyschmancy #grocerylist #happyhourathome

Always out and about 💃🏽

Like HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT TO BUY?!?!? Some kinda... super memory or something... meh you suck. -
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I finally found a brand project to work on with Denver artist @annieherzig, and it did not disappoint!! I’ve adored her illustrated grocery lists for quite some time, and thought it was a perfect fit for @saltyiguanamix Green Bloody Mary. Check out their page ⬆️ for the full illustration. This artwork is so much fun and makes me equal parts hungry and thirsty! 🍹🥓🎨

I think it’s time to buy a meal planning journal. These pieces of paper are gonna drive me crazy!

Feels amazing to have my meal planning for next week DONE and my grocery list made! And, Yes I section my grocery list into where they are in the store. Makes for a much quicker trip 😉

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I’ve been working on trying NEW items so i can spruce up my rather bland grocery list. A good friend mentioned these bad boys and I must say I am impressed. Not sure which one I like more.😋 What are the MUST HAVES on your grocery list?
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Happy Friday everyone! Here’s this weeks grocery list and meal plan. All my meals are interchangeable for the days and I like having some lunch ideas written out too. The Start next to something means we are out of that product. The circled R means it’s for a recipe. .
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Taking advantage of Alexandria sleeping in to make my grocery list! And catching up watching one of my favorite shows - Dateline!
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It’s no secret. We all know eating healthy is good for us. We know it improves the way our body functions, the way we feel and may significantly prolong our life, even. But why is it SO HARD to do it?

I am on a mission to show people that eating healthy isn’t as scary as it seems. Or as expensive as you think. Or as bland-tasting as you might imagine....

It CAN be affordable.

It CAN be done even if you are extremely busy.

It CAN It can be done if you have small children.

It CAN be done if you say you hate vegetables.

It CAN taste delicious.

It CAN be done in a SUSTAINABLE way! By that I mean... we can find a balance of healthy eating but still have things like dessert, alcohol and or that [insert your favorite food that you know is outrageously unhealthy 😂]. We can simply learn how to make small tweaks in our lifestyle in order to feel great and live healthier!

I’m so excited to announce that I am opening up a 5 day FREE online workshop to teach you the basics of eating healthy! It can be intimidating to even know where to start, and that’s exactly what I’m going to share with you!

This group starts this coming Monday, March 26th! Please join! I would LOVE to have you. Simply comment below with “add me” if you’d like to get added to this FREE private workshop! I will send you a message with next steps! 💗

Shop and hop on your favourite flavour
Which flavour is coming to your cart this weekend?? #shopping #lays #LovetoLoveIt #cart #lawofattraction #SavourTheRealFlavours #grocerylist

Hands down the best cocktails in Seattle. And I know from which I speak. @manolinseattle #grocerylist #mrblackwells Also, the food is unbeatable. Go.

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