We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.
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The first sip is the deepest 🍺

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It’s No Excuse November! Time to kick myself into full gear. I’m going to push myself extra hard this month! Especially with the holiday season approaching. My body and my mind just wasn’t into my workout Today. I was too tired my body was sluggish. And I was just plain exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything but laying on the couch and taking a nap with the dog✨
Despite the excuses..I’m too busy” “I’m too tired” and the “I don’t feel like it”.. I got my ass up and pressed play. I crushed those 30 minutes. And I’m getting results. And my amazing team/wellness community are keeping my ass in shape. With motivation and love and support. I love working with these amazing people and doing great things for my body. And I’m gonna continue to push and strive until I’ve reached my goals and hit all of my results. You can too. All you gotta do is step tf outta your comfort zone. You got this! ✨🤘🏽✌️🌈

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This is your life. Do what you love and do it often. Don’t like something-Change It! Don’t like your job- Quit! If you’re looking for the love of your life-stop! They will be waiting for you when you start doing the things you love✨💪
Stop over analyzing-all emotions are beautiful. Life is simple. Open your mind, arms and heart to new things, and people. We are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is. And share your inspiring dream with them💫🌈
Travel Often; getting lost will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once- Seize them! Grab that chance by the throat and kick it’s ass! 🤘🏽
Life is about the people you meet. And the things you create with them. So go out and start creating. Life is short. Live your dream! And wear your passion! Step tf outta that comfort zone and change your freaking life! Who cares what anyone says or think. Stop making excuses and start making things happen. I did it. And Im 100% confident that you can too!💁‍♀️✨🤘🏽❤️

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