Hebrews 13:5. Greed plagues our society today as our culture promotes hoarding possessions and gaining as much money as possible. The major motivation behind wanting more and more is the sin of greed. Greed makes us never satisfied with what God has already given us because it drives us to crave more and more. Greed causes us to want things that God never intended for us to have.The more material things we have, the more we want, and a vicious cycle forms. Greed destroys our ability to be generous and helpful to others because greed requires us to focus only on ourselves and getting the most for us. Greed makes us selfish and prideful as we focus more on ourselves and what makes us happy than on what God wants for us. Greed steals our ability to be thankful and appreciative to God for what He has given us because it prompts us to focus on what we do not have more than on what we are blessed to have. Greed blocks our focus on God and causes us to value material riches more than Heavenly riches. So how do we fight greed and keep it from ruining our lives? First, we need to pray to God to help us resist the temptation of greed. Second, we need to become satisfied with what we have instead of always craving more. Instead of complaining to God about what we do not have, we need to be thankful and praise Him for what He has already given us. Third, we need to understand that material things and money are not the most important things in life. Yes, we need money to survive, but we should not love money more than God. Our relationship with God is far more valuable than any money or possessions. Do not be greedy because greed is a sin that has so many negative consequences that cause us to drift away from God.

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Attention traders. Todays lesson is about sharemarket psychology. Did you know trading is 80% psychology and 20% trading? Therefore, if you don’t have a sound psychological mindset in place, you’re destined to fail in the sharemarkets. Which is why statistically 90% of traders lose 90% of their account in their first 90 days trading. So have you adapted the right psychology? That is, have you trained yourself to successfully and objectively identify areas of the collective market mind of extreme levels of greed and fear and acted in an opposing fashion to take a quick profit? Master the psychology of the sharemarket and master the main skill required to beat the market. Buy from negative, fearful, unjustified pessimists and sell to positive, greedy unsustainable optimists. #trading #traders #sharemarket #psychology #mindset #adapt #train #success #objective #fact #noemotions #collective #mind #skill #pessimistic #optimistic #fear #greed #negative #positive #neutral #fearfully #greedy #greedypeople #unjustified

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Ariana Grande - Greedy (Cover by Luara Melody)
Directed by: @moodsbymonica
DP/Edited by: @_virtuemedia
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