When we try to do things perfectly we rarely get outside of our comfort zones. Studies on the greatest of the great performers, artists, athletes, etc show that they are consistently getting outside of their comfort zones and hence produce incredible results. ⚡️
Art-spiration 2018 has involved A LOT of finger painting! It’s not the prettiest but boy am I finding JOY in the uncomfortableness and uncertainty in this form of expression!
Bloom baby bloom 🌱

#Tbt Total Body Tuesday’s
This was Four months before I got #pregnant I was literally in the best shape of my life 💪🏼 i was in #training for complete control of my #wellness I had a plan to #achieve super powers & I did just it ! Also hoping to never feel sick or weak again especially during the next pregnancy 🤰FYI plan failed as far as pregnancy was concerned 😟 as always it was rough not as bad as my 1st two pregnancies but the delivery was completely devastating 😭 #god always has my back the #devil 👹 had me under attack well this is #chef 👩🏼‍🍳 Lean Lena in real life for me snap back mommy is a part of the hype 10 days #postpartum & I’m just #thankful for my #life because absolutely nothing went right but a few days later my boy & I were shining bright 👩‍👦 stay tuned 📺 #greatness coming soon #positivevibes #entrepreneur #fitnessjourney #snapback #eatright #getfit #motherof3 #beforeandafter #fitnessmotivation #goals #gains #newborn #lifestyle #fitmom #fitnessaddict #fitnessblogger #fitinspiration #fitpregnancy

Make a commitment to yourself and your goals and don’t stop until you’ve made them a reality. #PattersonPerspective

Repost:@heidiflyse 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Regrammm S/O To @atlantahiphopawards2 @atlantafashionawards For Nominated Me Yesterday For The “Beauty Wit Bars” Award! S/O To @chefbaigemarie AkA My Chris Jenner😂(Inny)
Hair Styled by: @styledby.missy
Check Out My Story For More Photos! #RedCarpet
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And then the LeGoat happened.. 🐐👑

Go get 'IT'... period. What you want, also wants you, but better. The easiest way to phrase it is by quoting my man Jim, "The only way things are going to change for me is when I change." So, let me tell you, you have 100% control of the people and places you want in your life; nobody is forcing you into 'that' relationship, nobody is chaining you to 'that' job and ask yourself:
Who do I want in my life? Then become the person they would deserve spending time with. Act in a certain way that you are true to yourself first and becoming a little better for you. When you start with you, at the end of the day, you know you are making YOU happier and you know what? Happy attracts happy. Smiling attracts. And it's so effortless. I'm living it.
It has been a process that didn't start yesterday. It took a downfall, a downhill moment in my life, which I am so grateful that it happened because I won't damage my soul ever again. .
For you reader, I don't know what you are going through and I know what it feels like to read a post like this when you are in the middle of a mental chaos but keep it real, keep it simple, keep the truth as it will always prevail and do one thing tomorrow that brings peace to your mind, body or soul 🌙
Xoxo, Ale

Growing up, she always told me that I was born for #greatness! She taught me to never settle for anything less than what I was #worthy of having. The seeds were planted and I thank #God for her! Today, my Mother celebrates her 69th birthday! What a #blessing! Here’s a photo of us on my #wedding day (over 17 years ago) as she was giving me the "Momma Talk" before I walked down the aisle to say “I Do”. LOL!!! Happy 69th Birthday #Mom! I Love You!

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