Yaaay! It’s almost the weekend!! Last year I caught this young Dingo mid yawn and had a good laugh as I was looking through my images in Lightroom.
Have a great weekend! Cheers Gaz😎✌️

A beautiful Australian dingo in silhouette with a multi-coloured sky as a backdrop. Photo by @gaz_meredith_images via #naturewelove

The beautiful Australian dingo in silhouette with a multi coloured sky as backdrop. #dingo #greatsandydesert #westernaustralia

A kingfishers view.

Red-backed Kingfisher have this lovely thing they do at first light where they find a nice open branch, and I would almost say they enjoy watching the sun rise. In reality they would be searching for grasshoppers who fly out of the spinifex. Cheers Gaz😎✌️

Anytime, anywhere 🍻📸 @rolling_stills #MadeByWA

Photo bombed by mating dingoes...
Whilst creating 5 second exposures with dingoes moving through the frame I had these two get down to business right in the middle of my shot. How rude!!😂😂 Yes, it’s dingo mating season in the Australia desert.

Old Balgo Mission, detail from 1:400 site plan drawing, @warlayirti_artists @spaced_ias #spaced #agwa #westernaustralia #greatsandydesert #historicsite

Well this pretty much sums up my last 3 weeks. Eat, sleep and repeat. 🤙🕵️🧔 #explore #greatsandydesert #geology #3down1togo

A Great Sandy Desert sunrise...

Look mate, we’re just gonna have to drink more beers to lighten the load 📸🍻 📸 @rolling_stills #MadeByWA

Dingo amongst the spinifex.
This dingo had found a spot to rest when I saw it from a distance. Moving close enough to capture images I just needed it to sit up.... The sound of dingoes fighting not far away was enough to grab his attention for a few seconds, then he was off, running towards the fighting.😎

Two rugged blokes crossing the #greatsandydesert on wild camels with a precious cargo of @alby.beer definitely deserves a tip of the hat! 🤠🍻🐪

Following on from my last post, this image was taken before the sun had come up. The wind coming off the desert was freeeezing! I slowly moved through the bushes to be greeted by this little scene.... Rainbow Bee-eaters all huddled up to stay warm.
Enjoy your weekend! Gaz😎✌️

In the middle of the #greatsandydesert you might just find a big puddle of blue 💧 #sandhills #desertscape #waterhole #claypan #aftertherains #westernaustralia

🐦 One of these #birds is doing its own thing. 😆 A big family of Australian rainbow bee-eaters in the #GreatSandyDesert in Western Australia. @gaz_meredith_images shared this shot with #ABCmyphoto

Kathleen Paddoon paints Nakarra Nakarra the site of the seven sisters dreaming in country south of Balgo in the great sandy desert. Kathleen and the women of @kapululangu are on a culture trip this week at the site of the seven sisters dreaming. Kathleen is working hard on her new body of work, we look forward to seeing what this trip inspires.
#sevensisters #aboriginalwomen #womenwhopaint #kapululangu #strongwoman #greatsandydesert #balgoart #warlayirtiartists #contemporaryart #aboriginalart #womensstories #detail #workinprogress

We’d rise at 3AM to hit the track before the sweltering midday heat made further travel unbearable for both man & beast. It was tough, but boy did the stunning starlit sky make it all worthwhile. 📸 @rolling_stills #humpdaypost 😏 #MadeByWA

A bit of wrist surgery and I’m back to the desert to see two legends finish their walk for charity. If you can spare a dollar go to www.greatsandy18.com to donate to @melanomawa and @royalflyingdoc this has been a hell of a journey with lots of stories and photos to come. @greatsandy18 @rolling_stills @gageroadsbrewingco @alby.beer @menziescivil @garminau @bdmleather @thriftyaustralia @calamunndacamelfarm

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