Transformation starts with tearing down all the LIES that are obscuring the TRUTH {that you are already perfect}

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It looks so perfect, this perfect shot , of my perfect life , of these perfect squares . I think not ...... as I took this picture my five year old was screaming as his brother shoved seaweed down his back , I was holding three pairs of shoes and socks and the dog lead . My dog had buggered off up the beach and my @industrial_punk love boat had decided the dog was mine ( it is !) and he was not retrieving it ! But the sky and the breath taking beauty humbled me in that moment, the preciousness of life , I felt the hands of those I love who have passed reach through and touch me on the shoulder , whispering, it’s all perfect, the chaos , embrace it ..... #reallife #heavensupthere #gratitude #grace #wabisabi

C est en portant notre regard sur les choses que nous les laissons entrer dans nos vies. Une des questions à se poser le matin est: Quelle est ma perspective pour cette journée?

Is your business helping remove the stigma associated with mental health and mental illness?
We would love to help you do this by running a session for you during this years Mental Health Week.
We have availability to run sessions in schools, businesses, organisations, sporting clubs etc.
Email us at info@iamworthmore.today if you are in South Australia or Victoria and would like to enquire about our availability.

Look what the lovely @writershq people did! #generosity #writerlife #presents🎁 #gratitude Thank you!!!!

Hello, Monday 🌿 loving that autumn is here and that you sweethearts are taking up the 25% discount and supporting my little endeavour. Thank you! I’m hanging out in hospital for the afternoon *booo* but will be back home this evening to lovingly wrap your orders. 💚
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Encore une journée à Lisbonne à me promener et à écrire sur mon IPad...que du bonheur ☀️💛🙏
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Regrann from @astrologyangelmediums - Today, I praise my body for supporting me and continuously going on when my spirit has been broken and my soul lost. I appreciate how it constantly does the magical work of keeping me alive.
I have survived many illnesses, cancer, addiction, abuse, and even just carelessness by my own hands. This body has birthed two healthy and beautiful children, has run marathons, endured an eating disorder, has been pushed to so many limits, and kept going with hardly a complaint.

This year I have tried to work on accepting my body as she has formed herself. The softness and roundness. The wrinkles and stretch marks. The scars left behind like precious memories of times when the skin was hurt and damaged and yet became whole again.
I will continue to do the work of becoming comfortable with myself, in myself. As I am. Not as I was. Not as I have been. But the woman I am right now.
You are beautiful. You are divine. You are exquisite. You are magic. No matter what. Don't forget that!

I love you. All ways. Always. - #regrann

💫un bébé est né 💝
💫premier week end d’une longue série pour ce déconnecter et ce ressourcer 💫💝💚💝
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Ralph Waldo Emerson quote- “Money often costs too much”.
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