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📷Pic taken by our lovely @laplandroads Cute trucker girl from Sweden
📷Фото нашей Девушки месяца @laplandroads из Елливаре, Швеция
😻Как думаете, может возродим рубрику #arcticdrivegirls?

Idag blir det roadtrip till Skåneland 🎈

#gothenburg ❤️

I've been traveling and working 80 percent of the time these days. On and off of planes and in and out of hotels non-stop. The body needs time to recover and heal from mental, emotional and physical stress. Plenty of sleep (6-8hours) and a weekly spa session does the trick for me. I also drink at least 2 quarts of water a day and have lots of hydrating fruits in the morning. This helps me prevent jet leg and getting sick while on the road. I felt a little tickle in my throat after teaching class yesterday so I did a 1 hour healing meditation and took a nap before heading to the amusement park. Learning to listen to your body is the key. What tips or secrets do u have for staying healthy?

Today I gave a lecture on a topic I hold dear to my heart "How can we live yogically in modern times?" Is it possible and what can we apply from our practice into our lives, societies and relationships?
These teachings have a lot to offer us. So do we to them. We grow and evolve as humans all the time and we need pause, rest, reflection and dialogue in order to not have our lives only being about reaction and pressure. We also need physicality and movement in order to de-tensify de-toxify and strenghten ourselves.
Thank you @yogagames for making space for us to meet, move, still ourselves and reflect. ❤️
📷 @yogaworld.se
#yogagames2017 #gothenburg #thankyou#lecture#moderntimes#yoga

Alltid lika fin- Lisebergslinjen, Ringlinien


On our morning walk it's very interesting to talk to the ducks in the river! 🐶🦆 #happy #chi #chihuahua #chihuahuagirl #morningwalk #alongtheriver #happyme #happiness #lovelife #lovemylife #dadandi #gothenburg #mölndalsån

Motorcycletrip yesterday with Andreas and my dad! First long one this year! And of course with a "fika" in the middle! Fun 😀#gothenburg #sweden #summer #motorcycle #bmw #f650gs #bmwmotorrad #bokskog #sun #forest #fika

GoodMorning India #Godmorgon #Travelgram #incredibleindia 🇮🇳

View of the Eriksberg neighbourhood and the red crane that's a famous Gothenburg landmark. #thisisgbg #gothenburg

Finaste parkbänk i Trädgårdsföreningen i Göteborg!

Yes, we can fly 🦋

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