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Is it hot where you guys are living at?? Because in cali we had killer heat yesterday. Although, a couple friends and myself went out to explore and hike around for cool locations. Of course, after sitting in the famous California traffic for several hours lol. We spotted out some awesome locations. My friends also experienced how new I was actually working a dslr camera 😂🙈🙈 But hey!! I warned them. Lol Thanks for your patience guys. 🌅 ☀️🌴

Avec @germainlouvet en couverture du dernier @dansermag 😊!
#ensol #ravel #goodmemories

@Regrann from @sureshraina3_ - This day that year Our IDOl @sureshraina3 Scored his Maiden ODI Century In Just 67 Balls .. #GoodMemories 🙏 #VintageRaina 😊🤘

Zion National Park on my birthday! #goodmemories #Utah #adventures

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ALL WE NEEDED WAS THAT "SPARK!" ⚡️ 5 years ago my brothers and I told each other one thing. If we were going to dance on stage, we make sure we ONLY get the best! Nearly 5 years later we told each other TWO more things. One.... "We got super lucky to find Shane and able to call him our choreographer!" 🙌🏼 Two.... "Our choreographer needs to STICK to dancing, cause he doesn't know what it is like to beat us @ochoaboyz at Tekken!" 😂😂 When I say beat us, I am not talking about myself, cause Shane kicked my ace like 5 times 😂 but I suck at video games so does that say anything? 😂😂 Maybe Shane will need it in dance terms. Watching me play Tekken is like making a hip-hop dancer do contemporary! 😂😂
A wise man once told us to "DO YOUR JOB!" That same man was the one my family and I use to watch on every dance show he was on waiting to see what he choreographed and what he had to say when he judged. We were his biggest fans! Now we can call him any time we want and that really is humbling.
Any person wishes to know Shane for his moves and what he does, but not too many people know that he also is an amazing friend. We look forward to telling him everything going on and hearing his ideas. I look forward to the days I OUT SWAG him 😂 which I fail at too cause he can wear sandals but look cooler somehow! 🙄😂 I think we were pretty even this night, I mean we are almost matching! 😎😂
Shane, you already know. We are grateful, appreciate everything you do, and the takeover is on the rise! 🔥🔥 Happy Birthday to the mastermind! Your mom is smiling extra today cause you have impacted us so much. Love ya bro and guess what?
We are still your biggest fans.

Legender - altså ikke Steen og mig - i studiet her til morgen🏆🇩🇰🍀 #europamestrene1992 #historisk #goodmemories


From our favorite coffee shop in #kauai 8 years ago...missing this slow, quiet life. #goodmemories #hanalei

What i like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.
Karl Lagerfeld #frankunderground #greatfriends #spanishmenu #goodmemories

My childhood friend and classmate moved back to our hometown, taking her family with her. I am sure going to miss her.
Thank you for taking such good care of me these past few months. I couldn't have kept fighting some days without you. Thank you for sharing your family with me and for all you've done.
#family #loveher #friends #classmates #goodmemories #imgoingtomissyouall ❤️

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