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Thanks so much for fitting me in @wearmoidancewear Omega Pointe shoes! Your incredible!!! I like these shoes... we will see what happens! #pointeshoes #omega #feet #goodfeet #balletfeet

الجوله اللي فاتت اسمها حصلي لستتج بسهوله 🙃
من الشغلات االي كنت ابيها كعوب بهالالوان ..
السعر + اسم المحل ع الصوره..
@goodfeetkw المحل بمجمع اوتاد الجهرا..

اختر الحذاء الصحي ☝🏼

Luke onboard Carnival Triumph getting the crew onboard set up with their Good Feet arches, great initiative and if you have not done this already make it happen! #fitnessatsea #goodfeet #carnival #triumph

This is what I do on a lazy day! 😜✌#balletdancer #dance #ballet #goodfeet #bananafeet

the night Stephanie passed on the curse to Michealla #goodfeet #catfishfilter😼

Oh hey @priveyeg 💥 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ Thx for treating dem’ sweet #yegbabes to a #selfcare day. Best #giveaway ever! How cute are they #yeg? 😍 How awesome are you?! 🙌🏼💅🏼 Their #goodfeet should be ready to hit up your dance floor soon! 🧚🏼‍♀️💋🧚🏼‍♀️💋🧚🏼‍♀️💋🧚🏼‍♀️💋

Via @artselect ( 🎥 by @annabelle.rina )


We love the mix of colour here❤️

اختر الحذاء الصحي ☝🏼

Thanks so much for fitting me in @wearmoidancewear Omega Pointe shoes! Your incredible!!! I like these shoes... we will see what happens! #pointeshoes #omega #feet #goodfeet #balletfeet

Opened up Facebook and the "on this day" feature showed me this picture. Exactly 3 years ago, my field hockey season had just ended and the pain from the arthritis was unbearable and I was put in a boot. This was still before they figured out what was causing the degradation and pain to my bones. Last night I was with a friend and he asked me what it meant when dancers say "someone had good feet". I used to dance a lot, did ballet for a time and while I wasn't great at it, the one thing every teacher or coach I've had, has always said I have "good feet". That means, I have a good point and an arch, mine is natural; I've never had to work for it, but a lot of dancers stretch and work their feet to get a good point. When I point my toes, they touch the ground. However, lately my arthritis has flared up again in my left foot, and it's made even walking painful, let alone dancing and running. My left for (right in the bottom pic) is unable to point as well, and I can't go on relevé (tippy toes) or put too much weight on it. I've been really lucky that I've been able to be on miracle drugs that stopped the degradation and helped ease the pain. I've been lucky that I've been able to go back to doing everything I used to do, and even more in some ways. But when that stops working, it's a shock to how much your body does and how much harder it is when your body stops working the way it should. Mostly I just joke about how old I am and how my body is dying (which it is 😂 but it's also alive and each ache means I still have something that is there and I'm still alive) **note: this is nothing compared to a vast majority of other injuries or illnesses. Just wanted to post after the Facebook memory and my friend's question from yesterday. •

#arthritis #dance #ballet #point #enpointe #dancer #feet #goodfeet #dancerfeet #arthritisawareness #arthritisathlete #modernmedicine #childrenshospital #bostonchildrenshospital #run #runner #running #athlete

أناقة بلا حدود ☝🏼


Hold onto the warmth with these flower inspired nails💙

Love that my team hosts a midweek #turkeytrot and turkey shot put 😂 #allstate #allstatecareers #goodlife #goodfeet

تميزي مع تشكيلة جديدة من جود فيت ☝🏼

Fun tropical nails! Where are you going on vacation this year?

Floors were trash but only so much you can do when your first step is crazy. Don't play with your food Juice just get right to it. Grown man move. No flash. All 🔥!! One move and go. And finish wit the Filay!!! Can you beat your man with one good move?? That's why we work. Football over now. Boxing ring and Bball courts. That's it!!! 🤐🎥 cred: @ash_rocket 💪🏿
#Juice; #JuiceH2g; #JudahEzraél; #BabyKemba; #YoungKemba; #GoodFeet; #BallisLife; #Filayyyy; #TheChurch; #RiversideHawks; #HawkNation; #TheMaturationOfaPointguard

We love the gorgeous and classy look! ❤️

135lbs split jerk my first PR of the morning. Getting stronger with the help of @sid.vicious7 #fitchick #newpersonalrecords #gains #splitjerk #igotthis #goodfeet #momswholift #momswhocrossfit #holdthestandard

تألق مع جود فيت 👍🏼

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