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This is for the #hollywoodmeowdel challenge . With her quirky looks , #restingbitchface and dare I say 🐰 ears it has to be Kristen Stewart for me , right ? 😼 ( swipe left ) No but seriously , you have to hand this one to my sister Bluebell with her popping eyes, as #gollum 🙀👀Thank you for creating this new challenge @two_boy_cats and thanks to @babette_and_the_pug @xafiandauri and @sikaandkira for inviting us to play 💍💍💍 Come and join us , furriends ! #myprecious #lordoftherings #doppleganger #kristenstewart

"For that moment a change, which lasted for some time, came over him. He spoke with less hissing and whining, and he spoke to his companions direct, not to his precious self. He would cringe and flinch if the stepped near him or made any sudden movement, and he avoided the touch of their elven-cloaks; but he was friendly, and indeed pitifully anxious to please. He would cackle with laughter and caper if any jest was made, or even if Frodo spoke kind to him, and weep if Frodo rebuked him."
"Frodo gave a cry, and there he was, fallen upon his knees at the chasms edge. But Gollum, dancing like a mad thing, held aloft the ring, a finger still thrust within its circle."
Today's #MiddleEarthMarch prompt is Favourite Battle, and I decided to do something a bit different... There's one string that holds all these stories together, that bridges The Hobbit with The Lord of the Rings, a Battle that controls the fate of many, that changes the course of the future of Middle Earth, that spans the course of almost 600 years - and that's the internal battle of Smegol vs Gollum: a battle that, though hard fought, was already lost from the moment he saw the Ring. He was undoubtedly the one most corrupted by the Ring, the longest serving bearer. There's a major theme of Good vs Evil in the works of Tolkien, and I think Smegol is one of the only characters who challenges that, he's neither one nor the other, but he was so critically important. Is Gollum the 'Bad& #39;with Smegol being the 'Good& #39;? Is that the major battle? I think that may be oversimplifying it. Would we consider Smegol to be inherently good? I wouldn't , let's remember the fate of Dèagol. I think the most pressing question we can ask about the existence of Gollum as a character is: would the Ring have been destroyed without him (however against his will it was, him being taken with it in a very poetic twist of fate) ? I think not. How could anything be more important than that?
Side note: shoutout to the AMAZING scene in The Two Towers of Smegol vs Gollum - a true feat of cinematic genius, one that made history. Heartbreaking, hilarious, terrifying: it's both of them summed up in one bit of dialogue. Iconic.

Tendrás que cuidar mejor tus pertenencias porque Gollum anda suelto.
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"my precious" 😹 like a mixture of #smeagol aka #gollum and #pussnboots I guess Jules watched too many #movies recently #lotr #shrek #bengalcat #ilovemycat #catlife #catlover #lordoftherings

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The marshes are where the ancient Battle of Dagorlad took place. The marshes predated the battle, but were not named until after. The Dead Marshes were part of the ancient battlefield of the Battle of Dagorlad between the Last Alliance and the forces of Mordor, where many of the fallen were laid to rest. Over time, the battlefield became marshes, which swallowed up the dead, though their bodies could still be seen floating in the water (although, according to Gollum, they are not physically there, and only appear as visions).

We wants it we needs it!
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