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I’ve been there. Convincing myself that I “got it.” Trying to juggle everything and everything without asking for help because “I was strong and didn’t need anyone”. This mentality has failed me every single time.

There is power in God’s Word and there’s also power in His community. The moment you cast your cares unto Him, there should be a moment of release. A sense of freedom should come upon you in knowing the burden is now released.

And yes, there are people you can confide in. There are individuals who you can very much so trust to tell your situation to. Just be mindful of whom you open up to because not everyone has your best interest. That doesn’t mean though, that fellowship doesn’t exist. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Even as believers, we adopt this mindset that we can’t trust anyone but this in facts contradicts the order God sets in place. We are called to love one another AS God has loved us. So the next time you are going through something, never go through it alone. In God, we have a family. A support system with people willing to see you do well with the purpose of doing all things in and for His glory!

We often respond to the hurt that comes with failure or disappointment with anger. Let it be our prayer that we don’t turn to defense when hurt, but that we turn to grace.

Enjoying the beautiful weather God has been providing the past few weeks here in Brentwood 😎🌳🤸🏻‍♂️🌤 #RemnantFellowshipYouth #ParkDay #Frisbee #BumpSetSpike #Sunshine #godlyfriendships

Reunited with my wonderful Lauren today. This girl has a heart unlike any other, loves the Lord with such admirable passion, and always gives her all when she does anything. I’m so thankful for her friendship. It just goes to show that no matter how long we are apart, we can always pick back up where we left off. Much love for you, my sweet friend. ❤️

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It is OKAY to be hurt by people and things, even if it occurs often.
However, lashing out & reacting negatively to each hurtful instance is counterproductive and unbiblical.
Pray that God gives you a heart that responds to hurt with truth & grace, not anger and haste.

MOMS, are you greatful for the amazing friends in your life? When is the last time you’ve taken the time to tell your FRIEND how much you appreciate them? If it’s been a while I encourage you to do so. Don’t make an assumption that people know how you feel about them, they don’t know unless you tell them! Go and be a good FRIEND and share with your FRIEND(S) what and why you appreciate them ❤️

Exodus 14:14 — “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.”
Let God fight for the earthly struggles, even in relationships with those you hold to dearly.
All the while we’re called to stand firm, which takes a lot of hard work. Stand firm while He fights your battles. (Sidenote: I’m so sorry for the inactivity, this whole past week was finals week for me so I had no time! I’m back though!!)

Why surround yourself with people that tear you down? You don’t need to be around anyone or anything that will diminish who you are. You are a Kings kid. Pray and ask God to connect you with genuine people who will love you and build you up.

Hey guys please do yourself a favor and go get this Song Esé Oluwa by my friend and Sister @blessingali it will bless your life!!! #EseOluwa #kingdommusic #africangospel #family #godlyfriendships

Had such a fun time at dinner with one of my besties before she heads to England for a weekish #bestest #godsgift #godlyfriendships #goofs #ihavethebestfriends side note y’all...this was my attempt at taking the pic with my little arms and almost cut my own face off. #shortpeopleprobs

Sow into the lives of others what you would like to reap in your own. Let’s see how creative, innovative, inventive we can be in encouraging love and helping one another. 💛#daughtersandvessels

Our monthly study topic was so timely! Stay tuned for our next one in July ! 💕💕🎀 #pinkypromisecolumbia #pinkypromisemovement #godlyfriendships #godlyconnections

~Move, Pray, Love Live Event~
OMG, y'all....I got to meet someone I've been admiring and looking up to on social media for quite sometime now! She is the face behind Move, Pray, Love that you all have been seeing me post about. She had a live event with cardio boot camp and holy yoga! Holy yoga is AWESOME! If you haven't tried it...you MUST! Anyhow...it's so awesome to have met her finally. She is an amazing woman of God who is a huge cheerleader for dreams. She believes big things for women and knows that all things are possibe with Father! She is an encourager and wrote the sweetest message in my book! Praising God that I made this connection and pray that more connections can be made #MovePrayLove #MPL #🏃🙏❤ #NewFriends #GodlyFriendships @brookegriffinfarmer
P.S. the last pic is of all the fun swag I got at the event! First class all the way!

Not everyone deserves to be in your space #space#protectyourspace#anointing#godlyfriendships

It’s a blessing to have friends like this and I pray to be this type of friend ☺️

Parents, do you know who your kids hang out with at church? When possible, organize play dates outside of service so those precious friendships can grow! #intentionalparenting #victorykids #victorydenver #kidschurch #kidsministry #godlyfriendships

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