I’ve been struggling with a bit of depression lately, so I turned to my Bible app for guidance. It led me to a devotional where this was the first verse to study. I actually have history with this verse. It was my favorite verse in college. That was a special moment when I saw this verse again. #Godmovesinmysteriousways

Opened my pinterest and this pops up right on top 👏👏👏

I predict...Love Is...will become a highly acclaimed, romantic African-American television series on the OWN Network. The writers highlight the main characters ensuing love interests while revealing their union's complex intricacies and self discoveries. The 1st episode is filled with rememberable moments that touch the soul. For anyone who has ever loved or fallen in love, you will better understand after you watch. Tears will flow from your eyes. Real talk... #transparency#realness#faith#GODmovesinmysteriousways#yougoafterwhatyouwant#intuition#listentoyourheart#authentic#passionate

Setting up my new choir room at my new church post at Our Savior Lutheran. First Sunday is this Sunday 😲 #godmovesinmysteriousways #chchchanges #singanewsong

God moves in mysterious ways...I know for a fact that traffic jam was God telling me to go ahead & good to the church ⛪ #God #GodMovesInMysteriousWays #GodIsGood #Pray #PrayersWork #faith #keepthefaith #churchbishop #unitedrebelsinc #peace #unity #equality #worldpeace #pride #lovewins #love #ceo #entrepreneur #brand #movement

Meet AnnaBelle (aka Bella)
Yesterday was my 38th birthday. I have been feeling in my bones that this is going to be a significant year for many reasons. (more to come about that in my next blog post) 🌷
...little did I know that our world would shift instantly on my birthday when this sweet puppy claimed us as her family. 🌷
She was found on the streets and our neighbor who’s a vet tech saved her life when she almost died after surgery. The neighbor brought her home to keep an eye on her and low and behold....sweet Bella found her way into our lives and hearts instantly. 🌷
I knew from the moment I saw her that she was meant to be ours (which is crazy for me because I’ve never been a dog person. I’m a cat lady through and through.) I guess thats how fate and God work....I knew in my heart that the Holy Spirit brought her to us for a reason. 🙏🏼 And my mommy-heart went out to her and all she’s been through. 🌷
So here I sit today....38 year’s old with a husband, 2 beautiful children, 1 cat and now, as of this weekend, 13 fish, and a dog.......and happy.😊
As my husband said “we are blessed and our family feels complete.”
Now....off to the pet store to buy all things doggy 🐶
#creativespiritualcoach #creativecoach #erindrezstudios #newdog #cockapoo #lifeisinteresting #godmovesinmysteriousways

I have to admit that I'm slightly confused...Does this mean that god only loves Stockholm and no other cities, or that god loves Stockholm more than other cities? Or is there such a sign for every city that god loves? Can someone enlighten me?
#godmovesinmysteriousways .
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"Tunay ngang higit ang ibibigay ng Ama, kaysa sa iyong hiniling sa Kaniya.." #godmovesinmysteriousways
Thank you po sa tumulong sakin 😇😊

#iwillremember #thattimewhengod made the plan bigger...
After feeling a bit helpless about the refugee crisis we reasoned, 'We have a car, let's put a call for resources round church, load the car up with whatever we're given and drive the resources to where they need to be.' As we put out word that we were collecting items, our prayers probably started out something along the lines of 'God, please give us items to take to the camp.' Soon we were swamped with resources. There was much more than would fit in our car, and people had started sending money too. I wanted to pray 'Please make people stop giving us resources!' but figured God knows he's sent too much to fit in the car, he must have a plan. We started trying to think bigger than our little Toyota Yaris. 'God please help us to get a roof rack for the car.' We tried our hardest to get one but it didn't work out. 'God please give us a trailer to attach to the car.' Again we tried our hardest but no one could fit us a tow bar in time. All the while resources kept streaming in. 'God please get us a bigger car somehow.' 'God please allow us to rent a van.' Everything we tried kept falling through. With only days to go, several rooms full of resources and no vehicle to transport them it seemed ridiculous. So we tried a ridiculous prayer. 'God please have someone call us up after church tomorrow and have them just give us a van.' We asked several others to join in this last resort prayer. What happened after church the next day? We got a phone call from someone who had heard what we were doing, didn't know if we needed a van or not (had actually been advised that we probably DIDN'T!) but felt moved to call and offer theirs anyway...

What did we learn about God through this? When he makes a plan, it's bigger than ours. He's awesome. He does the impossible and the ridiculous. He knows our needs and is faithful to meet them. He listens to our prayers and it moves him to action. He loves when we step out in faith and loves to stretch that faith so that it can become even bigger.

Thank you Lord Jesus for being faithful to your promises😍🙇‍♀️ i only have all praises to YOU & a grateful ❤

Day1 starts now😍

#tooblessedtobestressed #GodMovesInMysteriousWays #wehaveafaithfulGOD

One of the greatest love stories ever recorded! Loved getting to be a part of One Way Productions (From Orphan To Queen) the amazing story of Queen Esther 👑 and how God used her to save a nation!!! "... and who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?" 💖 #Godmovesinmysteriousways #heisfaithful

I ❤️ Sunday’s! After an amazing day yesterday, with more energy than usual and manageable pain - I had a really rough morning today. Could barely get up, but I decided to push and head to TJ and then spirit said head to church! I wasn’t ready, I wasn’t physically ready for the day! Thank you to @ginaj_hairsmyworld for telling me “I’ll meet you there”! Pastor Olu rocking his shorts just #slayed service today!!! #hewaslit #onfire🔥 and definitely speaking to me!!! Scroll to listen ➡️ #youwontregretit #mychurchisawesome #mychurchisbetterthanyours #sorrynotsorry #godmovesinmysteriousways #suddenly
I apologize to all the people that I couldn’t hug or shake hands with 😷. #itsnotpersonal
#giveittogod #thingswillgetbetter #thingswillchange #stayinfaith #wonthedoit #godissodope #histimenotmine #releaseit #friendsthatmakeyougottochurch #keepthose #pastorsthatwearshorts #keepthosetoo #painpaingoaway #tumorswearenotkeepingyou 😜

Now this really is the ambulance you need at the bottom of the cliff #sayalittleprayerforme #godmovesinmysteriousways #tickledmyfancy

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