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Living a healthier lifestyle whether it is from proper nutrition or physical training, will improve so many aspects of your life. You will not only look better, but feel better, gain confidence, self love, and live a longer life with the ones who love you. 💯
For diet plans and/or training programs email me now and say 'more info' 📩 info@badasscass.net

Legs+booty work🍑🎥
DOUBLE TAP for more workout videos!
✖️Diagonal Walking Squat (20x4)
✖️Dumbbell Glute Pull Through (15x4)
✖️Cable Front Squat (15x4)
✖️Glute Hamstring Raise (15x4)
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My Mexico trip is coming to an end but summers right around the corner! ☀️🕶 Are you ready? I know I'll be rockin' my cheeky Brazilian @anibikinis bottoms 😍 they come in 12 different colors and prints and I LOVE how they fit like a glove 😏 I'm wearing a size small 👌🏻 On sale now! Shipping worldwide 🌎


Style is a way of expressing yourself without talking. 🎤 Comment 💕 if you like.!👀 #ootd
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Happy hump day - last April giving it my everything at Miami pro. This year is gonna be spent creating more balanced shape and enjoying not dieting #miamipro #humpday #glutes #bodyfat

Leg day 🔥🍑 cardio followed by legs and glutes at 6am smashed! Try supersetting these SLD with leg extensions ... jelly legs!!! #cardio #sweaty #legday #glutes #girlswholift #girlswithmuscle #fitfam #fitness #motivation #musle #gains #progress #personaltrainer #feeltheburn #legexercises

Tuesday Night Class Recap: Vita Tempo & Vita Tough #livevita

Something #TravisKelce and I will never have in common.. the fact that he is ok with being an active member of the 45 degree squat gang.
Parallel squats tighten the hip external rotators and will manifest as piriformis syndrome, sciatica, IT Band syndrome, jumper's knee, runner's knee, repeated ankle sprains, hamstring/adductor pulls or torn Achilles. It's not a question of IF it will happen...but WHEN will it happen?

We all know you can squat more weight with a 1/2 squat, than with an ass-to-grass squat...but some people just need to feel like they're crushing the weight...and they slap on the 45lbs...form and range of motion be damned! 🏋🏽🏋🏽‍♀️

Mon nouvel exercice préféré! A la poursuite du ressenti des muscles fessiers 😂
#fessiers #glutes #entrainement #training #gym #gymmotivation #fitness #fitnesslife #fit #fitgirl

Back day!! I love training the posterior chain!! Today I just wanted to move that weight!!

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