Love working out with this mob in the park. We were totallllllly put through our paces by @farrfitness @mmoyo_fitness. If you're looking for personal or group training in London or Surrey they are 💪👍💣
Running about after being in meeeeetings or indoors is good for our energy, our soul, our brainpower. Even a walk after work helps.
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Someone at work told me about @oldspikeroast, a London coffee roastery helping homeless people. I signed up for a monthly delivery 'cos I reckon that if my morning coffee can do a little bit of good, then why wouldn't I? Reminded me to never underestimate the impact of small positive changes.

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Lounging companion. Maisie (my sister's cat) likes to hang out wherever it's warm and where there are humans to lavish her with love 🐱😍 .
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Getting Sunday rocking with @ancientandbrave. It's part of the @holisticaskin 28 day skin cleanse I'm doing. I'm going to whizz up a scoop in the faithful nutri-bullet with coffee and a teaspoon of organic butter. It's halfway to being a bulletproof coffee which I've never tried before (late bloomer!!). Will report back ☕
Collagen can help reduce inflammation in the body including the joints, gut lining and skin. So I'm interested to see what happens when taking a collagen supplement. I've started getting sore joints in my right hand which x-rays and blood tests haven't helped identify....so this might help.

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We take our drinks straight up and overnight oats with snazzy fruit toppings. Brunching with my hair twin @ladykatherine is the best way to start a Saturday.

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Back to it // I've been wearing shorts, walking boots, pretty much the same t-shirt and a cap for the past 2 weeks on the Canadian escapade.
Now I have to wear proper clothes again?! It's gonna take some getting used to this week. Back to work and all that.

What are you up to this week?
. 📷 @bethcrockatt
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Canada you have been magnificent these past 2 weeks. We've hiked in forests and up mountains, hung out with huskies, got turned back twice on trails due to moose on the loose.

The most glorious moment: when we saw grizzly bear mamas and cubs on two separate occasions 🐻🐻. Once we were in the car and the other time we were on foot and very close 💩. We followed our bear training (5 mins from tourist information on how to use bear spray....) and backed away talking calmly to her so she knew we were human. Ever tried talking to a bear?! And Mr H is commenting at this point how fast bears can run...
So this is NOT my photo it came via marcosecchi @unsplash who is a whole lot braver when it comes to hanging aroud bears than I am. I am just sooooo happy to have seen them in the wild.

See you back in Blighty 🇬🇧. #grizzlybear #canadalife #getoutdoorsmore #fernie #gloriouswellness #befreakingglorious

Fairy Creek Falls. You are magical and totally worth the hike.

We're in our final destination now in #Fernie #britishcolumbia. Recommended to me by a friend @happyyouhappybody who knows this place well. It's off the tourist trail and is beautiful in eveerrrrry direction. A totally low-key kinda place for hiking and mountain biking in summer. With epic snow in winter.

Check out today's stories for 1 or 2 wildlife 'encounters'...
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The turquoise beauty that is Lake Louise with #nofilter. Delighted my jacket matches the natural majesty of the lake 😉 Mr H sometimes smiles in photos but only when animals are in the vicinity so no luck this time. Altho I have a million photos of him at the huskie kennels from the other day smiling like a loon while 10 dogs clambered over him 🐺

Check out stories if huskies are your thing.....
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Eat organic everything? In an ideal world yes, we would. But in the real world it's not possible for most of us. So how to prioritise what's worth buying organic?

During my @nutritionschool studies we learnt about the Clean 13 and Dirty Dozen compiled each year by @EnvironmentalWorkingGroup.

Meaning? Fruits + veggies on the Clean 13 list have the lowest pesticide residue. Those on the Dirty Dozen list have the highest. So when choosing what to buy, spend your £ $ on those on the Dirty Dozen list first: 🍓🍏🍐🌶🥔🍇 strawberries

And if you eat them, choosing organic meat, fish and dairy makes sense too.

#dirtydozen #ewg #organicfood

Ah Radium Hot Springs: water emerges from the earth at 39°C and we get to wallow in it soaking up the warmth and the minerals.

And my fave long-sleeved @une_piece protects from the sun 'cos it's 31°C out of the water. My article on summer skincare is up on the Une Piece blog right now ->www.unepiece.com<- all about keeing it simple and streamlined when travelling this summer.

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The huskie whisperer? We visited @snowyowldogsledtours to hang out with their dogs and learn about the 6 breeds of huskies at their kennels.

Snowy Owl are major advocates for ethical and humane treatment of sled dogs. The 120+ huskies are treated really well - like pets - and they rescue dogs too.

These huskies like loooooots of love. Mr H and I were happy to oblige, although it was virtually impossible to drag him away. Several hours in....'darling.. we really do have to go now....'
If you're in Canmore, Alberta it's definitely worth a visit. As long as you don't mind getting totallllllly covered in huskie hair.

#snowyowlsleddogtours #canmorealberta #canmore #canadianrockies #befreakingglorious #gloriouswellness #getoutdoors #stayoutdoors

🥑🌱Breakfast greens. To be honest there haven't been many insta-worthy breakfasts so far on this trip, until we found a gem of a cafe @thecommunitea in a beautiful little town called Canmore.

Say hello to a 🌈 of veggies plus eggs + blackbeans for protein. Game on. Might try making something like this back home. .

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Banff view from the top.
Blue. Green. Fresh air. My heart is happy 💚💙
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Calgary // you're cool, we loved hanging out. And standing on that glass-floored observation deck. Trying not to look down 🙈

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Dairy makes my skin misbehave. Especially cow's milk and I get asked 'so how do you get enough calcium?' Easy. I get calcium from plant sources like:
🍀sesame seeds - I add them to porridge and granola and salads
🍀tahini i.e. another name for sesame seed paste - often used in hummus (yum!!)
🍀dark green veg like kale, rocket, cabbage, spring greens and broccoli
🍀red kidney beans

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Ready for a night of celebrating amazing women in sport @womensporttrust awards + being part of this community creating equality in sport. Got my new stars and stripes get up on (thanks @styling_matters for pointing them out to me!)
Glorious moment: @clarebalding is here and @chemmyski is on my table. Major #fangirling. Chemmy admired my blouse and we talked sport. Sigh.

#beagamechanger #showup #womeninsport #befreakingglorious #gloriouswellness

To brunch to live. Eggs + ago + coffee via @farmgirlcafe. Happy days.

I'm a big fan of protein for breakfast. Keeps us full and firing on all cylinders for longer....way longer than sugary breakfast cereals.
#befreakingglorious #gloriouswellness #thehealthcoachtohighflyers #butfirstbreakfast

New video up on YouTube -> click the link in my bio 👆 I share simple skincare moves that I'm loving right now. And I honestly didn't purposefully match my t-shirt to this book #happycoincidence 💗❤
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