Camp Cozy was in full effect this weekend#DIY#roastedmarshmallows#smores#mommyof3#girlsonlyclub

Ningxia Red
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Love Ningxia Red!
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Wie heeft er nu speeltjes nodig als een bolletje oude sokken volstaat? #Catootje #logica #opeenoudesokmoetjehetleren #speeluurtje #wezijnwakker #blijehond #girlsonlyclub #meidenweekend #hollandsesmous

“Everybody laugh... ok, now everyone show me your kiss face!”

Cheeky monkey has been helping give her sisters their first proper bath. #allgirls #girlsonlyclub #bestfriendsforever

Work It

This is todays post in the Sweetie Community on facebook!

You are not just a mother, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, employee, or business owner.

Who you are was before any of those things came into being.

In knowing who you are you descover, unlock and unleash the true infinite nature of your power!

Remember who are and live that truth. Living your truth changes the world. It's okay not to "fit in" fuck'em we are Awakened women, creator beings, living conscious and we've got shit to do SO let's get to work Ladies this revolution isn't gonna start itself!" We invite you to join our group! I'm sweetie the host and we are Awakened women living consciously and in harmony.
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You can only were Doc Martens tho. #docmatens #girlsonlyclub

Today, I’ll try something different - here are 10 facts about Zoe & Cleo, after being tagged by the lovely @filaandmika! .
1. They were found in a car motor when they were about 10 days old…
2. …and then got lucky enough to be fostered by @gato_garden!
3. We Instagram-stalked them for weeks and weeks when they were tiny fosters, and were so excited when we were told they would be ours ❤
4. Their foster names were Idris (Zoe) and Elba (Cleo)…
5. ….although I’m still not sure Cleo is quite the right name for my tiny terror!
6. They are super sociable cats, and when we had a house party Cleo walked up and down the apartment all night long, before having a nap on the couch surrounded by admiring fans.
7. Zoe is generally quieter and calmer (but also snugglier), while Cleo is outgoing, assertive, and silly. They are both amazing!
8. “We” are three roommates in Barcelona who adore cats! The kitties’ official paperwork is just with one of us, but they are completely fussed over by all three of us girls. #GirlsOnlyClub
9. Their favorite toys include feathers, the full toilet paper roll, and whatever they can fish out of the recycling bin before we stop them 😅
10. They make every day just a little bit sweeter and sillier! 💕

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