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Decided to try this to see whats its all about ☕️@somayareece #getslimdetoxtea

Follow my company's fitness page @thisfitsme @thisfitsme 😘


Are you confused on how to eat healthy? Don’t trip, I’ll show you how to make tasty & healthy recipes that are budget friendly + learn FREE workout tips and more on my fitness page @thisfitsme ‼️#ThisFitsMe #GetSlimDetoxTea

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#TBT Song me and @somayareece got together. Waiting to shoot the video but she too busy w/ #GetSlimDetoxTea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

#TBT Song me and @somayareece got together. Waiting to shoot the video but she too busy w/ #GetSlimDetoxTea 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

A warm cup of SlimTea is perfect for a cold rainy day☃️☔️❄️ #GetSlimDetoxTea is easy to make🍵 Just drink 1 cup a day. RESULTS IN 1 WEEK!! Order on ShopThisFitsMe.com Link in bio! Enjoy😁💕
1⃣Use 1 fresh tea bag each time

2⃣Use 1- 1.5 cups of water (sensitive tummy users boil your tea for only 1 minute from the time of boiling and only drink 1/2 of your cup)

3⃣Put water into pot

4⃣Add 1 tea bag

5⃣Boil with the tea bag in the pot over medium heat for 5 minutes .
💥Drink anytime, only 1 cup daily, for men too💥

C.T.C Cut The Check #CEOMindset This phone call was about 2 GLOBAL deals. You will always catch me on my laptop or on my phone negotiating deals and building multiple BAGS💰
Everyone sees the success but no one knows the sacrifice and hard work that comes behind it💪🏽 I encourage all of my entrepreneurs & future CEOs to work hard & invest into the development of building and polishing your brand. Repair your credit (with great credit you can pull million dollar loans and use it towards your business the wealthy live by this rule) budget (don’t overspend what you don’t have-SAVE) , depend on NO ONE and FOCUS on using your time wisely (this is self explanatory) .

If it ain't about getting these checks, building and motivating each other. I’m not interested in a “we chillin” friendship. So. Have you asked yourself. Why are you just hanging out "chillin" and BSing your life away? No one is coming to save you or hold your hand. BOSS UP AND BUILD YOUR OWN LANE!! Remember, I was homeless once, overweight with major organ-health issues, I didn't even have a car at one point j. life. The world made fun of me. Many tried to stop my shine. But.....Look at what hard work, determination, focus and what God did🙏🏽 #NeverGiveUp #GetSlimDetoxTea #FemaleCEO #FinancialFreedom #ExcellentCredit #WealthBuilding

🔥You've seen my weight loss journey from day 1 so you it's REAL! If you’re looking to boost your energy, boost your weight loss. Try my Slim-Tea. You will get RESULTS IN 1 WEEK👇🏽

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#GetSlimDetoxTea 🍵

Time for my nightly tea #Getslimdetea

Time for my nightly #GetSlimDetoxTea

About to call it a night..but not before I drink my tea from @thisfitsme by the one and only @somayareece and of course I love my new chingona cup, lettering from @sewbonita
#getslimdetoxtea #chingonalatina #chingonacap #slimtea #droppingpounds

It’s 10:30 time for nightly tea... #GetSlimDetoxTea

I’m ready 🙌🏽🙌🏽

What a difference a year makes but with the help of #getslimdetoxtea I have lost a total of #110lbs and came down from a size 18 to a 12 and I am pushing and working hard for that size 8 😜 owww look at me now looking and feeling Great!!! Workout eat healthier and drink @somayareece slim detox tea like fr fr y'all this is what you need. Not only for weightloss but it does a lot more.
Go to thisfitsme.com and cop yours today while that tax schmoney still floating around 💸😂 #weightlossgoals #weightloss #lookatmenow #welit #mamichula #losingweight #feelingmyself #melanin #melaninpoppin #locnation #dreadlockmami #floridagirl #prettygal #prettylowkey #loveandhiphop #bey #chequera

Don’t be fooled by the phony Slim Tea’s on IG. We use REAL customer reviews, not paid IG models🤔 Our Slim Tea really works💁 .

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Benefits: 👙 Promotes Weight Loss - Breaks plateaus due to #PCOS, Diabetes, IBS bloating, lowers high blood pressure & cholesterol. #GetSlimDetoxTea

We are the only SlimTea brand that actually works. We use REAL CUSTOMER REVIEWS, not paid IG models💅🏾Oh and I’m not a “paid model” I’m the company owner and creator💪🏽

Our products are Certified Organic, Kosher, GlutenFree, Vegan🔥
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#GetSlimDetoxTea #Organic #Kosher #GlutenFree #Vegan

Never forget where you come from my friends. Your story of struggle is nothing to be ashamed of. It's POWERFUL🔥Don't let the pressure of hardships crumble you. Push through it. Nothing comes easy. You'll have to go through some bullshit. It took me what seems like a zillion years, soul breaking hardships, and emotional turmoil to get to where I am. And I am humble enough to say I still have a long way to go. But thank GOD I am not where I used to be🙏🏽 What was meant to break me didn’t. That's life. Get up and grind💪🏾 #Inspiration #Motivation #NeverGiveUp #getslimdetoxtea

WAKING UP A GIANT=BIG MISTAKE‼️ A message for those feeling lost and in need of motivation. I am here to encourage you❤️ I cannot WAIT to tell the world of the publications that said I was too “ethnic” too “ #AfroLatina yet not enough ” to write a story about. WOW! Even as a successful start up company that literally began at ZERO to being a multi million dollar company. I was told I wasn’t “good enough” because I’m not “their” kind of American. LOL Ok. Well. Let me tell you about the AMERICAN DREAM The REAL #AmericanDream the one those publications won’t write about because we are NOT important. Did they forget? We are SEEDS? They cannot stop us from growing. So.... . .


I used to clean casas las oficinas de otros like what you see behind me. Now I own them, I used to clean houses in Beverly Hills and L.A with my mom and sisters, now I lock in business deals and meetings there weekly. My mom, aunts & cousins (myself) used to clean houses as immigrants from #ElSalvador 🇸🇻We had to ride 3 buses to get to work, until we were able to finally save up to get a little hooptie to get us around. And still our hooptie broke down a million times. I was told DAILY that my family and I we would never amount to anything further than being stupid lawn mowing immigrants. But they were wrong. God had a plan for me, for US. I'm so so grateful for my blessings and I never ever forget where I come from. It only keeps me focused on where I'm going🙏 I am far from where I want to be but I am no where near where I was! Don't you dare give up, no matter how hard life is. I promise you there is a light at the end, but you have to go HARD! Thank you all for continuing to walk down this road with me in this little tough thing called LIFE😘
#TheRoseThatGrewFromConcrete 🌹 #SelfMade #LatinoBusiness #BlackBusiness #Racism #Latino #getslimdetoxtea #ElSalvador #Salvi #Guanaca

I've heard to succeed, make it a routine and don't quit..but most importantly believe it can happen. Thanks to my slim tea and @somayareece I have been feeling ahhhmazing!
#getslimdetoxtea #lajefaapproved #slimtea #healthyliving #somayareece

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