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Healthy weight Tips: •Eat breakfast every day and don’t skip meals.
•Eat a variety of foods to ensure that you get all of your daily nutrients.
•Watch what types of fat you consume. Do not eat any trans fats. Trans fats come from partially hydrogenated oils and are found in many fried and baked goods. Read nutrition labels as you grocery shop. Limit your daily intake of saturated fat and sodium. Try to eat healthy fats instead of opting for a strict low-fat diet. .
•Limit the amount of sugar in your diet. High-sugar foods often are high in calories and low in nutrients. They also can lead to inflammation in your body.
•Limit liquid calories by avoiding soda and alcohol. Choose whole fruits instead of juice. Drink plenty of water every day.
•Watch your size of your portions. Have small frequent meals instead of larger meals.
•Exercise on a regular basis. Pick an activity that you enjoy. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes, 4 to 6 times per week.

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Good Morning!!
I hope you are being able to follow these challenges. These everyday task will help you to involve exercise in your daily routine and help you adhere to it. to make sure that you adhere to them and see their benefit yourself!! Torso Twist
You can sit cross-legged and stretch your arms out in front of you, with your fingertips touching. Breathe in when your hips square and abs are tight and breathe out as you slowly rotate your upper body about 45 degrees to the right. Return to the centre and repeat on your left side. You need to repeat this 10 times.

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