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Missing my #gethomeawayinsetouchi trip that I went few months ago. Miss the food, the old vintage street, the people, culture and my awesome muji style homestay. There are 7 prefectures within this Setouchi region and I hope I can unlock all the prefecture in the future. Also, a big love for the travel / inspiration post featured on @homeawayasia official website. It was the best thing ever happened in this year. Also thanks @cheeserland , my best partner in crime. I miss everything there 🇯🇵 Countdown for another 2 weeks to unlock new 3 prefectures in Japan. I can't wait ❤️

Final post on Setouchi: www.cheeserland.jp ❤︎

#BlogUpdated last blog post about my Setouchi, Ehime trip I went last month 🇯🇵link on insta profile .

Mama OT time. Clearing my final Setouchi blog post before our summer family trip back to Tokyo. 🇯🇵
I have been working hard! 😤

#BlogUpdated with lot of photos taken during my #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi trip. Let me know if you enjoy reading! This time I try to capture more on the details and show you the true beauty of Japan. 希望你們讀到可以像看著一本相簿那樣 畢竟旅行還要拍那麼多照片 還要每張edit 整個變成photographer這樣真的很累下!但看到完成品就心滿意足了❤️

If you haven't read, new blog post is up! 🌿💜☘️ Read: www.cheeserland.jp

By the way if you haven't noticed, I got myself a new domain. Life is all about sparking joy. 😌

@cheesiepetit sleeping, mama OT again. Drafting next blog post on my one true love, 🇯🇵 haha.

I love these few hours of quiet time for work😊. Any mama here scrolling IG feed while your kids are sleeping, can I see some hands? 🖐🏻

Breathtaking drum performance by the Uchiko junior high school students at Uchiko Kabuki Theatre. I was tearing up at the finale graduation speech 😭. More of this in my latest blog post!


New blog post on www.cheeserland.jp 👘. Hope you guys enjoy reading ❤︎

Babies sleeping, mama OT. Preparing next blog post!! 😤明天出炉!

Thanks for all your questions regarding traveling in Japan on IG stories!
If you have any more questions to ask please share it in the comment section of this post so that other users can refer to it too, and so that I don't have to keep repeating the answers :) There are many places I still haven't been to in Japan though so my apology if I'm not able to answer all! 🇯🇵🗻🏯⛩🗾 I am creating #LoveJapanWithCheesie hashtag so next time you guys can refer back to this post 😊

I love this picturesque unmanned train station with a coffee truck right across the road!❤︎
New blog post: Setouchi Journey: Matsuyama ❤︎🏯🍊 Read: www.cheeserland.jp

How many of you have plans to go to Japan this year? And where to? Remember to check out the discount code on my blog post for your @homeawayasia booking ❤︎! #gethomeawayinsetouchi #cheesieinjapan

Here's a little sneak peek for you guys 🇯🇵Missing our #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi with @cheeserland 💕

#BlogUpdated Finally it's up on my blog and here is a little house tour for you guys. Blogged about the 3 listings we stayed during our #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi trip. It was just amazing! (Link on insta profile) All listings is on @homeawayasia website & I just linked everything on my blog for you guys 💕

New blog post: Setouchi trip ❤︎ What is Setouchi? Where is it? Where should you stay? All you need to know in this blog post.

Read: www.cheeserland.jp

#GetHomeAwayinSetouchi #cheesieinjapan

Nobody beats my #ootd today. Literally. Like, I dare you to beat me. 🗡

#cheesieinjapan #samurai #maybeireallywasoneinmypastlife

And where is the Bambi and those dwarves?
#cheesieinjapan #ehime #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi

This classroom is way too cute. Small tables and chairs but it reminds me of all the school time memories. I miss it 😢

#Unomachi #chanwoninjapan #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi #setouchi #ehime

Train station with one of the most beautiful views in Japan, overlooking the peaceful Seto Inland Sea. 🚉

Shimonada station is an unmanned train station in Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture and has been featured in popular anime and J drama, including Heroes, starred by Kimura Takuya.

Your next stop here, maybe?

Breakfast prepared by our @homeawayasia accommodation's owner. I wish I could have this every morning 😭

#chanwoninjapan #GetHomeAwayinSetouchi #Setouchi #ehime #uchiko

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