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What’s forbidden and controversial is where the truth resides #JayElectronicaLifeMinistries #georgiaindians #panafricanismiswhitesupremacy #aboriginalatlanta

'The Extra Bulletin Census of the Five Civilized Tribes' published by the Department of the Interior and the Census Department of Washington, D.C., since 1894 acknowledges the existence of nineteen tribes in South Carolina claimed by the Creek Nation, a Muscogean Confederation, that at one time inhabited at least half of the state.
The Yamassee or Jamassi (also referred to as Amogarickakan, Amacarisse, Amercario) were listed among the nineteen tribes "as being of dark complexion, found widely scattered among the inhabitants of North and South America." They were assumed to be immigrants from Africa prior to the European discovery of America, whom Lucas Vasquez D'Ayllon persisted in slave hunting in Beaufort, South Carolina in 1520. Ayllon referred to the Yamassee as "Negroes being valuable laborers while the Indians were deemed worthless."
John R. Swanton identifies the Waxhaws of South Carolina with the Weesocks, whose children were raised in Tamahita (Tamathli) families. Newton D. Mereness, in 'Travels in the American Colonies', writes of the Yamassee as the "woolly haired" mixed blood Comantles (Tomathlis). The Yamassee are mentioned when a band of twenty-five Weesocks (Waxhaws) accompanied the Yamassee to Florida after the Yamassee War in 1715. They were still there in 1720.
The Indians that originally inhabited the middle parts of the Carolinas and Georgia to the seaboard were known as Yamacraws or Yamassees, Oconee, Ogeechee, and Sawanokees or "People of the Glades." The Sowanokee are known as the Shawnee. To this day, other Indians know them by no other name than Sowanoke. They resided on the Savannah River, then known as the Sowanokee Hatchee Thloka (meaning the "Big River of the Glades"). The other smaller tribes with the Uchee are of the same fireside with the Shawnee, but all dwindled away among the Creeks and lost their language except the Uchee. #AmericaIsABlackWoman #aboriginalatlanta #AmericaBelongsToTheBlackWoman #myaboriginalisbeautiful #georgiaindians #earliesthistoricalexploreraccounts #aboriginalfaces #YamasseeSeminole #TheTruthAboutSlaveryInAmerica #TheRealTransatlanticSlaveTrade #extinctionbyreclassification #aboriginalflorida

There were no widespread epidemic diseases on Indigenous Americans... diseases was made up to hide the #extinctionbyreclassification that happened to “black” people.. the original people of America #AfricanDNAtestinghoax 👈🏿 #papergenocide #negroDarwinists #africanamericansaintafrican #earliesthistoricalexploreraccounts #georgiaindians #panafricanismiswhitesupremacy #aboriginalatlanta

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