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sometimes there’s no need to dwell over the past, be it regret or nostalgia, if today isn’t going well; things may not be so great right now, but it won’t stay like this forever - please try your best to remember that everyday is a new opportunity: you’ll be okay. #gentlereminder

Awwww...thanks San Francisco! #soareyou #strollingalong #iheartsf #gentlereminder

SUMMER VIBES ☀️✌🏼🙌🏼✨ Skin gets darker, Water gets warmer, Drinks get colder, Music gets louder, Nights get longer,
When some people
just make you feel
like MAGIC. 👑💫 #summerlife #weekendinflorida #dontjudge #mondaymotivation💯#bumdiaaaaaaaa

Comparison is the thief of joy. Summer pics are coming ☀️ always be proud of how hard you have worked to get where you are 👏🏻Never down size your victories due to comparing yourself to others 🙅🏼 You ve eaten healthy dedicated yourself to workouts focused on drinking more water and said no to junk food in general. Be proud of your journey and if nobody ever told you " i m proud of you " i m telling you now ! ♥️ #gentlereminder 💌

Saw this on the lid of my yogurt cup this morning !
#gentlereminder #forward #blessings #happytuesday

the forbidden city is the coolest & most exhausting place ever #go12apgo #gentlereminder

вот как выглядело счастье некоторое время назад: сдала дипломную работу, собрала вещи, Айку и улетела в Ниццу❤️😍 4 (!!!) года прошло..а мне все кажется я только-только из универа 😢 и все же многое изменилось за это время: в моем мышлении, в восприятии мира, в привычках, в поведении, в окружении, в планах на самую жизнь..непоколебимой осталась моя вера в лучшее 💝 в то, что все непременно будет так, как надо. ("даже если будет иначе", как любит говорить моя подруга) 😊. Взрослым людям всегда нужно чуть больше для счастья, чем детям. Сами придумываем себе проблемы, заморочки, не замечая красоту каждого проходящего дня..не уделяя должного внимания своим родным и близким, и по тем же причинам хмурые ходим. а по сути, истина проста, ее знает каждый - счастье идет изнутри.и оно всегда рядом❤️в глазах родителей, в устах ваших половинок, в шутках ваших друзей,в веселых анекдотах таксистов с утра, во вкусной пицце, в фисташковой мороженке, в крепком кофе, в книгах, фильмах 😻 и оно уж точно в конфетах #fererrorocher ! список для каждого индивидуален, но суть общая 😊 пусть каждый проснется с настроением замечать то самое счастье, что кроется в мелочах вокруг вас 💝 #gentlereminder #ванилькаmodeison

Life is golden, but still under construction. ;)
#buildingsasmetaphor #hotels #newyork #manhattan #gentlereminder


-Ambition is the path to success.
-Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in.
-Have a wonderful Wednesday. -Enjoy my Instagram friends. 🙏🏽

easy is making you too comfortable.

easy is keeping you stuck.

easy is preventing your progress. ....you would have been there, by now, if you weren't looking for the easiest route.

some of the best things are also the hardest things we ever had to do.
you can do hard stuff.
#gentlereminder 📷|| Pinterest

Good evening everyone.

Are you wishing for a longer holiday? Are you ready for work? Alarm yourself. Go to bed early and a friendly reminder, cut back on your sugar intake to reduce your support on human rights violation.

Untuk peringatan, menurunkan gula yang berlebihan boleh mengurangkan pelanggaran hak asasi manusia.

We can help you by choosing to try and make our 50% less sugar Cordia into flavoured popsicles for your own liking. To be purchase in stores near you. .

#gentlereminder #youaresweetenough #pilihlahcordia #bruneihalalfoods #sweetennaturally #salthealthily #keephydratedwithAYER #bwn #supportlokal #brunei #brunika #selamathariraya

♡♡♡♡♡ ❤️
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Here's a not-so-profound secret: Everyone isn't your friend. The word "friend" gets thrown around way too fluidly these days. It doesn't warm the hearts of the masses every time you take a chance on yourself and move forward. Don't make the mistake of building and spilling your personal business to everyone with an available ear. Poor intentions + free insight into your life = A gateway for them to attempt to destroy you and all you hold dear. I get called reclusive because I am selective about who I let near me and into my circle of trust. I'm not anti-social, I just understand that you have to keep a watchful eye out at the same time you are teaching people how to treat you. I protect my space and as a result I have attracted those who feel similarly and who are willing to defend my fort as well as their own. Be open. Be wary. Protect yourself.
#growthonmyterms #gentlereminder #wellbeing #thehappynow #friendship

Awwww...thanks San Francisco! #soareyou #strollingalong #iheartsf #gentlereminder

This came up on my tumblr dashboard and I really needed this today #gentlereminder #imbeautiful

Life is filled with lessons as we all know. Often times we are students but in many instances we are teachers. Your wisdom is a gift to be shared. We are all here to learn from one another. It took me some time to get this. My growth means nothing if no one else benefits. This blog is just the beginning....let's rise together!

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